Last Wednesday (16.11.2016) I did an eye laser surgery in order to fix my eyesight.
I had -1.5 & -1.75 with an astigmatism of 0.75 in both my eyes, I know I wasn't blind and m numbers were low but the point is that I couldn't stand my glasses.

I felt insecure wearing them & I felt much much prettier without them. Those were the reasons I decided to do this surgery, and as the first sentence said, I did it.

Now, I did the Intra-Lasik kind of surgery that is considered the best laser surgery technique that there is today. Of course, long time before the surgery, you get checked if you are even able to do the surgery, and what type is the best for your eyes, it depends on your cornea and more (a doctor can explain it better than me). The recovery time is amazing - 2 days

The surgery itself was horrifying, it was terrible, I prefer not to elaborate on it, but if you are interested, comment down below and I will respond! After the surgery, my eyes hurt a little bit, but it went away after taking a pain killer (which the doctor recommended me to take if my eyes are starting to hurt).

I also have some hemorrhages in my eyes, but they are totally normal and will disappear.

So, to sum things up, I am glad I did this surgery, and I'm really happy with my sight now, I also want to say - If you feel insecure about something you can definitely change - DO IT, eyes, face, body, everything, and I don't talk just about doing surgeries, make a change in something you don't like!

I hope you liked my post, and maybe you can relate to me - I would love to know, 
please comment down below and let me know your thoughts!

Published by Shay Mor