We’re in the era where influencers live in the limelight. From posting a sponsored photo on Instagram where you’re poolside at an Las Angeles mansion wearing a bikini with a skinny pina colada drink in your hand, to creating YouTube videos where you take viewers on your family’s weekly trip to the grocery store (with five raging kids, it can mean a hell of great content!). It’s come to the point where you care about your reputation.

You care about how you look to your viewers and fans, and this can control every minute decision from the makeup you wear to your choice to no longer wear your favorite pair of glasses. However, there are methods to wear eyeglasses and still look glamorous in front of the camera—no matter of the 1.74 high index lenses thickness you decide to choose. You have to remember that if celebrities can do it, then you as an influencer (you’re practically a celebrity if you receive fan mail though, right?) can do it to.

Your eyes are precious, that’s why you should take care of them by sometimes allowing them to breathe without the strain of eye contacts. Perhaps you’re not a big fan of wearing your glasses because you don’t think they accentuate your best features, and this can be a result of a poor selection. If you’re worried about the thickness of your lenses because you know that your eyewear is thick as a thief thanks to the prescription you have adopted from your parents, then  that’s why 1.74 high index lenses thickness are the way to go since they are the thinnest options on the market.

Here are a few tips for you glam girl influencers to adopt when wearing your glasses in the spotlight. Say goodbye to the days where your glasses are reserved for early morning and late nights in the comfort of your home:

  1. Opt for simple eye makeup. Your eyes will be on high display with glasses and you don’t want to go for a heavy look as it will quickly clash with your frames. If you love color, express that side of you through your cheeks and lips.
  2. It’s all about those gorgeous brows! Use a cream shadow and spoolie brush to make sure they are always tamed, and don’t luck out on those monthly eyebrow threading appointments.
  3. Match your eyeliner thickness to your frames. If you have thicker frames, choose a thicker cat eye line so that your eyes can pop. If you are flaunting thinner frames, then a soft line will do.

Published by Lois Marten