The 516 chapter of Fairy Tail showed us the battle between mother and daughter, Eileen and Ezra. With her adopted family the members of Fairy Tail in danger, Ezra is determined to defeat her mother. Eileen, the strongest member of the Spriggan 12, begins to attack Ezra. She isn't fearful of her mother as she has her "real" family by her side. As she say's this, Wendy attacks with Sky Dragon's Wing Attack.

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Taking advantage of Eileen's shock, Ezra uses Black Scarlet Double-Edge. Eileen is surprised that she has been wounded. Wendy tells her that she has some sympathy for Eileen, but would "never forgive someone who cannot love their own child." Eileen is surprised to learn that Wendy won't "Dragonify," due to her dragon mother's suppression of the dragon seed.


Eileen becomes enraged and attacks Wendy and Ezra. She believes that her life was taken from her and hates her body. Ezra offers to "put her out of her misery." Ezra uses "Knight of God," and Eileen responds by using Deus Zero. Wendy nullifies Deus Zero with her own version of the spell. Eileen seems pleased, as Ezra attacks her with her final strike. Eileen appears defeated, but it turns out that she plans on switching bodies with Wendy.

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This was an interesting chapter, mostly due to the ending. It's unclear whether Wendy is under complete control of Eileen or that they have switch bodies. It appears to be the later. However, if Wendy is still in her body she could still interfere with the battle. I predict that either Wendy will harm herself or Ezra will somehow break the spell.


Published by Jerrell Robertson