This is my face. These are the products that I use everyday without fail. I’ve never had clear enough skin (or the confidence) to leave the house without make up on, however I am a strong believer in natural beauty.

I try and wear as little make up as possible on a day to day basis and just cover the blemishes. I have oily skin but I have super sensitive skin so the range of makeup I can wear without an allergic reaction is limited. That’s why I stick with No. 7 because it’s hypoallergenic and I know I can wear it with no reaction. If anyone does have sensitive skin I would 100% recommend No.7.It’s one of the more affordable brands and they have a huge range of products. the only downfall with No. 7 is if you have pale skin (like yours truly) the palest shade may still be slightly dark and mixing with moisturiser may be required.

First I use Airbrush Away primer for a more even colour balance and to keep makeup in place. I then use Beautifully Matte foundation in ‘Calico’ (which is the palest colour) and it gives great coverage! It doesn’t streak and is lightweight and is the best foundation I’ve used. To cover any heaver blemishes I use Helen E concealer in the lightest shade and this also has amazing coverage and the colour is great for pale skin. I use translucent pressed power, but it is available in loose powder, and this lightens the shade of the foundation if it is too dark and it looks really smooth and stays in place all day. I don’t use bronzer or highlight and I don’t contour but I use a subtle blush. The blusher I use is ‘damsel’ and it’s quite dark if you put a lot on the brush so if you want a subtle rose colour be careful with the amount you use but if you want to go full on clown, go for it. My eyes are the most sensitive part of me so I have to be really careful with mascara and this is why I only wear eye shadow and eye liner if I’m going out. I use Extreme Length and it comes in a sensitive formula, as do all No. 7 mascaras. It visibly adds length to my lashes and is pretty waterproof. I use an Avon eyebrow glimmerstickand it goes on slightly thick so I use a brush to even it out and then the results are great.

So this is my bare minimum beauty routine! It seems to work for me, let me know what brands you use/recommend!

Published by Hannah Henley