Stephen King possesses the ability to both scare and enthrall in a single sentence and his 1989 epic IT represents the perfect marriage of the macabre and the obscure.

For those unfamiliar with King’s killer clown creation, this epic novel centers around a group of children who find themselves terrorised by a malevolent shape shifter they refer to as “It”.

It takes the form of whatever its victims fear the most but generally favors appearing as a creepy clown.

The children, who refer to themselves as “the Losers Club” are brought together by this monster that is determined to destroy them all.

Now all grown up, the Losers Club return to their home town to kill It and end the nightmare that has haunted them for decades.

This novel is generously detailed and descriptive, often to the point of revulsion.
In true Stephen King style, suspense is beautifully crafted and torn down in a grotesque and horrifying fashion.

The story is told from the viewpoints of many of the characters which allows us to see the events unfold from multiple angles.

This allows the narrative to be broken up into segments as It is an extremely long book.

King does not hold back in his writing, giving his story everything it needs in order to be told properly. A shorter story would not have done it justice.

It is beautifully written with King weaving and twisting multiple characters and stories into one another to create a novel which is engaging and entertaining.

Regardless of what form your greatest fear takes, the essence of It rings true: in order to overcome, you must first have the courage to face.

Melissa Haber 

Published by Melissa Haber