Facebook users are now able to react to posts as well as like them. The new feature allows users to select whether the post made them laugh, cry, become angry or if it shocked them. You can still simply like a status or post just as you've always been able to do as well. With this feature when you look at a status or post you'll also see the Facebook emojis to give you a general understanding of previous readers and watchers reactions. To react to a post using Facebook Mobile you simply have to hold the like button until you see reaction icons appear then you may choose freely. You may do the same by simply hovering over the like button if your using a laptop or desktop. While the masses have been begging for a dislike button, it seems that the Facebook Team has been listening. They've given us something very close to it but the catch is that you're technically still adding a like to the post. I'm not sure if we'll ever get a button for the sole purpose of disliking a status but for now I'd say this is close enough.

Published by T. Todd