Hey guys!

I know it's been awhile, between school and work I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off. I want to share something with you today though that I think may help you get through your Monday Blues (unless you love Mondays...Than go you!)

Today, I went on a High Ropes Course. I have to say I went into it thinking oh this will be a piece of cake....Wrong. It was probably one of the most challenging things I have ever done in my life. If you know me, or if you have been reading my blogs for a while now you probably know that I am not really scared of anything. (Not even the Clowns that are running rampant through our streets!) I will try anything at least once in my life, and I am not a quitter by any means. I will push through till the end. 

Today, I wanted to quit. I was scared for my life. I needed to zip line from one platform to another, and I missed the second plat form and went sliding backwards. I spent a good few minutes dangling from a harness, that I honestly wasn't even sure could hold my weight. I was freaking out. I'm thinking to myself please don't let me die today! So finally, after hanging 30ft or so in the air for a few minutes the nice man with a rope was able to pull me to the next platform (after several tries because my feet weren't reaching it.) He then asked me if I wanted to quit, but told me I should keep going. I of course kept going, body shaking like a leaf (nice analogy huh?) Finally I got to the last Zip Line to the ground, and I beat the course. I then told myself never again, and promptly went and sat down at a picnic table, and watched the rest of my classmates go up for a 2nd round. 

In the midst of me sitting at the picnic tables I am thinking to myself, why did I ever come here? I'm also thinking to myself, I want to prove that I can do it without any help. So, with my body being calmed down, I went up for a 2nd round of a different course. I was scared, but I knew deep down that I had to beat it. I had to face that giant. Then about 10 or so minutes later, I was zip lining to the bottom. 


About to Zip Line to the bottom 2nd time around


I knew deep down that I would regret not going up a 2nd time because I was afraid. I knew I had to beat it and prove to myself that I could do it. It was challenging, it really was, but it turned out to be an incredible experience. So, now that you have heard my story of being terrified. I have to ask, What Giant have you needed/wanted to face, but have just been too afraid to face? Is it finally speaking your mind on something that you don't feel is right? Is it facing a legit fear (clowns, heights, the dark?) David went and faced a Giant named Goliath, and he was just a shepherd boy who really shouldn't have been able to battle that Giant and Win. He should've been torn to shreds, but he had God on his side, and was able to Face Goliath and Win. So, just like me with facing my fears on that high ropes course and going up for a second time. Go Face your Giant that you are dealing with, and rely on God for strength because without him we really can't do anything.


Published by Bailie Scheer