Why do so many people that attend gyms fail to achieve their desired outcomes and what are the factors that can turn your failures into successes? In this series of posts I will look at the the most important factors in achieving success in the gym.

Without further ado let's look at the factor No. 1.

For me the undoubted number 1 is consistency. To make your body change you have to force it to change and this can only be done by training on a regular basis.

Those who sporadically go to the gym rarely achieve the same kind of results as those who go week in week out.

I have seen countless people who start exercising regularly at the gym and go religiously for the first couple of months, before their attendance becomes less regular, only to eventually disappear altogether.

This can be for a number of reasons; but it doesn’t take long before their fitness levels drop back to their initial state.

Yo-yo gym attendance may be a familiar to a lot of people out there and for them consistency is the missing ingredient.

Anybody who is fit, is that way because they consistently work to achieve and at least maintain that level of fitness. Nobody ever gets good at things they don’t do consistently, and fitness like many other things is a skill.

So if you really want to achieve success in the gym, training consistently is the first place to start.

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Published by Neil Elbourne