Do you have an idea for an app development that will drastically change lives? Okay, maybe not that dramatically, but I bet you are hoping your idea will make a difference in someone’s life. Like every big idea in history, you hope yours will positively improve the user’s app experience in some way or another. The hope for a better life experience is why we dream!

So, what’s holding you back from developing that dream app of yours and getting it out there for the world to use? My guess is costs. Not knowing how much an app will cost from beginning of development to maintenance once it is live can be a huge “if” for you to overcome. So, let’s look at some factors that impact app development costs:

Business Model

If you are wanting to clarify your business model, you need to answer these questions…

    What will my target audience look like?

    What device platforms will my app be available on?

    Will it be a free or paid app?

    Will I use outside advertisements to pay for upkeep of my app?

    What do I hope to achieve with this app?

Once your business model is clarified, your app development team will give you a rough estimate of costs for developing your app.

Device Platforms

As stated above, you will need to decide if your app will be available on just one platform or many. This decision will determine how much manual coding time will be spent (and the number of developers needed) building your app. Granted, while building an app for only one platform initially costs less, you will be missing out on hundreds (and possibly thousands) of potential customers. Consider all your options and choose the best platform(s) for your app and its target audience.

Design and Functionality

How your app looks and functions is key to the app’s success. While having a budget functions well as a guideline, please don’t skimp on design and functionality just to save a few bucks. You need to be sure you are giving your app its best chance to succeed. This can’t be done if you have a simple, bland design with little to no useful functions. Discuss what you see the app looking like when it is finished with your development team. Listen to their suggestions, consider your options (including monetary options), then make a well-thought-through decision.

We are a cost-driven society. We rarely purchase anything without looking at the price tag. This is the number one reason most app ideas are still just ideas…we fear the costs of development! So many factors make up the costs of developing an app. My advice? Start with doing your research on development teams before deciding who to hire! The most expensive teams may not deliver the best quality apps out there.

Here’s another blog post which has explained in detail about the different aspect which impacts the app development costs -

Take a gander at projects they have completed in the past, read reviews, and ask for a rough estimate from your top choice development company/companies. Once you find the right development company who fits your goals and budget, begin your app adventure! Remember: Don’t let costs restrict your dream from coming to life…the right development company can make that dream thrive without breaking the bank!

Published by Mary Charli