Fading Out (Living Heartwood book three)

Trisha Wolfe

Arian is a passive college student who is just trying to live her life before she is forced to marry someone of her father’s choosing. Ryder Nash is a star football player who started life with nothing but is on track to be a pro. The two meet, and while that may have some attraction to one another, they fight like they hate each other. This goes on until they finally give into the sexual tension and attraction.

Ari is secretly dealing with an eating disorder. She just got released from rehab, but she still struggles. Her father forcing her to marry someone he wants doesn’t help either. Ryder is willing to fight for his love, but when Ari finds out that he was initially only attracted to her because she looks like someone from his past, she gives up on him. When Ari gets so sick from not eating and purging that she’s taken to a hospital, will Ryder fight once more or give up on her as she has on him despite their love for one another?

Standalone new adult romance with a HEA. Mature audiences only.

This novel has scenes that could be triggering for those that do or have suffered from an eating disorder.

It’s not easy to write about things like psychosis, drug addiction, and eating disorders. There's a fine line between being descriptive and giving how-to instructions, but Trisha Wolfe is great at writing appropriately and accurately. I do feel that Ari’s eating disorder was not as prevalent as the major issues in the other two books, and just from experience with it, I feel like maybe it should have ruled more of her decisions, but maybe the author thought it would be overkill. Either way, it was still a wonderful story. I loved both Ari and Ryder. Although I think Ari should have more of a backbone. She was kind of annoying just accepting that she had no choice in her future, but she wouldn't have been able to grow so much and stick it to her parents otherwise, so I digress.

I loved this whole series. I love when authors write about difficult topics like mental illnesses and addiction. I absolutely recommend!

5/5 stars


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Published by Risa Lynn