Chapter 509

Jellal defeated by August

Jellal lies beaten on the ground of battlefield. He finds it difficult to comprehend that he was defeated along with the rest of Crime Sorciere, by August. After stepping on Jellal, August asks why he would put himself in opposition to Zeref. Jellal states that he did learn his lesson and saw the light, meaning Ezra. August informs Jellal that Zeref has a child, a son name Rahkeid. As August leaves, Jellal attempts to stand so he can protect Erza.

Kagura defends herself from attack

Kagura defends herself from attack

Rahkeid Dragneel faces off against Kagura

Meanwhile, Rahkeid Dragneel introduces himself to Kagura. He's the child of Zeref and Mavis, and nephew of Natsu. Rahkeid attacks Kagura with Blades of light, she easily deflects them, demanding that he get of the hilltop and face her. Kagura single handily cuts the hill in half, Rahkeid responds by using his magic to create tentacles made of light.
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He believes that Kagura will succumb to the pleasure the tentacles induce. Kagura bites her own tongue, countering the effects of Rahkeid spell. Kagura quickly steps in to attack Rahkeid. However, Rahkeid blocks her attack with his bare hands. He tells Kagura that he, along with August, Eileen are exceptional. Rahkeid strikes her with his fingers. She collapses, leaving the rest of Fairy Tail shocked. August implies that only Rahkeid's mother Mavis can defeat him.

Kagura slicing a mountain in half

Kagura shows off her power

Rahkeid, Zeref, Natsu and Mavis

I was impressed with Kagura's fighting in this chapter. However, I think it would have been better if they had a more convincing battle. The family relation in Fairy Tail is starting to get convoluted. Regardless, I have a hard time to imaging Zeref and Mavis together. It's likely that Mavis and Rahkeid will face off against each other. It think that this will be an interesting battle, however, I would imagine that Mavis will be apprehensive about fighting her son.

Rahkeid defeats Kagura

Rahkeid defeats Kagura


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