(Inspired my the music and lyrics of Billy Joel)


My faith is kept in a jar on the mantle

covered with dust

waiting for a quake to make it fall,

release it to shatter on the floor

and return to me.


The voice in the hall is angry

and tells only lies.

My spirit speaks only truth,

coming from innocence,

but doesn’t know the question

which will give me the answer I seek.


It has come to trust,

pushing beyond my doubt,

but lies away from the cloud

that is the wasteland of my mind.


The piano speaks in the dark cold of night,

overlooking the city.

My head wanders on minor keys

played on dreary one-night stands.


I must hold onto this moment

because when forever speaks

it will be lost in time as history retold

for even the map makers

are redrawing lines.


This room is my sanctuary.


In the middle of my sleep,

I walk to the mountain to find my place

waiting for its resident.

My time is coming

and I will soon come to stay.


When the fire begins to burn

I will welcome the naked heat

taking me to the rivers cradle.

I will bid you fond far remembrance of me

for I will remember you

to those that have gone before us

and wait for you to join us, in the afterland.

Published by James Gabriel