Reading the story of Abraham in the book of Genesis 12-24, I saw a couple of lessons that may come in handy for people who find themselves in a season of transformation. Yes, there is a lot to learn from Abraham, but here are just 5 simple things that spoke to me, and I hope that you too can learn something:

  • When God calls you out of a place and tells you to leave your relatives behind, it is for a purpose. Abraham for some reason chose to take Lot, his nephew, with him. Lot turned out to be an extra unnecessary burden. Avoid the urge to carry some of your old baggage to where God is sending you. In other words, leave your Lot behind!


  • Abraham kept on lying time and time again to the people he encountered that Sarah was not his wife but his sister. Yet they kept on blessing him with cattle, sheep, goats, silver, and even land. In other words, when God has chosen to favor you, nothing can come against you! Even your enemies will bless you!


  • Abraham argued with his nephew, Lot, over grazing land. This led to a split between them. Yet Abraham still prayed for Lot and even saved his life twice. In other words, don’t hold grudges and avoid taking offence! This will simply delay your transformation into what God wants you to be.


  • Abraham sent one of his servants to find his son, Isaac, a wife. When the servant got to his destination, he started praying to God to help him identify the right woman. Even before he finished his prayer, Rebecca appeared. In other words, God can answer your prayer while it is still on your lips! 


  • Even after the servant’s prayer had been answered, he kept his mouth shut and watched everything Rebecca did; just to make sure that she was the one God had chosen. This was important because sometimes the devil runs ahead and provides an answer to your prayer before God does, except the devil’s answer is usually a trap. In other words, just because your prayer seems to have been answered does not absolve you from the responsibility of using Holy Spirit discernment!


Just a few nuggets of wisdom to ruminate upon today!


Published by Kevin Omz