Hey! Feels good to write again for MTS. For those of my audience in school, how's the semester looking so far? Here's a tip to make it easier and to potentially build relationships- take advantage of office hours!!! You never know who you'll meet and how they can help you. Being engaged is key to having a successful education! Anyways, I finally have a selection of footwear that I find to be essential for the fall/winter season and if not already, could be in every guys closet. The select few I've chosen are staples to every individual’s closet (yes, even women) and are worth your hard earned money because you won't have to worry about purchasing a new pair for the years to come. Let's get right into it!


When you hear the words ‘Fall’ or ‘Autumn’, what's the first thing that comes to your mind? What are your go-to clothes? Are there any colours you frequently wear for the sake of convenience? Style? What about footwear? Boots or sneakers? Warmth, comfort or both? The reason I ask is because these types of questions make it easier for one to shop. The season in mind, your own personal style, what colours to wear, etc.. The feeling of having variety is very helpful and encourages peace of mind. Of course, too many options can be a handful at times. Either way, continue on for my personal picks! * smiley face *

 No. 1


Blundstone Chisel Toe

Price: $209.99 CAD

Materials: Premium Leather, Polyurethane Midsole, Thermo-Urethane, Steel Shank

Before I start, who wouldn't have this pair of boots in their top five picks for the fall/winter season??? It is very easy to pair with a fall/winter closet. Even better, these can be worn every day! These age as well, so as usual it will become more and more comfortable as time goes by. I understand that some may be a bit uncomfortable with the price point, but remember this- you pay for quality. From the top of my head, raw/dark wash denim, a wool sweater and any coat or jacket would be perfect.

No. 2


Dr. Martens 1460 “Medium Brown”

Price: $175 CAD

Materials: Rubber Sole, Leather base

A straight up classic, these boots are meant for every season. Durable as ever, stylish as ever and a timeless design. This pair looks beautiful paired with the right clothes. A flannel, grey/black/white tee, and dark wash/light wash distressed denim works just about right. Of course, with the cold weather in mind, I'd personally top it off with a beanie and a top coat.

No. 3



Nike SFB Boot “Black” & “ British Khaki/Desert”

Price: $180 CAD

Materials: Leather, Rubber

Before this boot became popular in the streetwear community, it was and still is really meant for soldiers working in the army. If you take a close look at the materials and design, you’d easily notice the efficiency and performance put into it. Nonetheless, it’s a great item to invest in because of how stylish they appear to be and how durable they are. For these, a flight jacket and a crew neck sweater or t-shirt would fit the puzzle. As for bottoms, dark wash, light wash and black denim are best preferred.

No. 4


Red Wings Heritage “Beckman” Boot

Price: $400 CAD

Materials: Leather

For the price, first thing I can tell you is that these are hella worth the money!!! They last very long and age beautifully. Personally, this model is my favourite because of the sleek look and impeccable design. Pair this with raw denim or distressed dark wash, a bomber jacket and a wool button-up shirt for a perfectly executed fall outfit.

No. 5


Common Projects Chelsea Boot

Price: Approx. $600 CAD

Materials: Leather

To finish my list, I have for you the Common Projects Chelsea Boot. Chelsea boots are an all time classic and a must have for everybody! If you haven't purchased a pair yet, you're missing out. I'm glad to say that I've inspired some friends of mine into getting their own pairs because I constantly tell them it's long overdue. Anyways, they end up loving their pairs and don't regret purchasing them at all. This pair specifically, are my personal favourites because of the quality and craftsmanship integrated within each pair. They too, can be worn all year long but I prefer to wear them during the colder seasons. Not to mention, the crepe sole allows for an unbelievably comfortable wear. Also, like all suede shoes, they age beautifully with wear. To get the perfect outfit, you can wear these with slim-tapered fit, raw or black washed denim. A white button-up shirt and a top coat makes for a great fall outfit. For the winter, I'd suggest wearing a crew neck wool/knit sweater on top of the shirt for a warmer but classy look.

 And to conclude…

 Upon viewing what I had to feature, I hope this gives you an idea of what to purchase for the coming seasons. Especially if you're in Canada, keeping in mind the cold weather shows no mercy. To keep this conclusion short and brief- I’d like to remind you, please feel free to share with friends, give me a thumbs up and sign up with my email updates. You will not regret it. One more thing, I know I've been coming short with new content but please understand I'm just your everyday student with a heavy workload on my shoulders. Either way, I'll try to keep publishing every week; perhaps three new pieces weekly. With that said, enjoy the rest of your week and have a great night! Thanks once again.

Published by Antonio Velarde