When people think of trendy, they often think of elaborate outfits with bright colors, itchy sparkles, and heavy jewels. In reality, trendy is simply what is popular among the casual street-walking people. The true definition of trendy aptly describes women’s sneakers. It would be very hard to find a woman who does not have a good old pair of sneakers in her closet. Sneakers are probably one of the most beloved fashion accessories because they are casual, comfortable, and stylish.

In modern day, sneakers come in a wide variety of brands, colors, and styles. Though sneakers are worn during the entire year, fall is a time where sneakers reach a peak in popularity because the summer flip-flops and sandals are now being shoved to the back of the closet.

Stylish, Casual, and Comfortable Footwear that is Trending for Fall of 2017

1.    Velvet Sneakers

Velvet is a great coming-of-season material for fall because it will soon be prevalent during the upcoming holidays. Velvet is not just for Santa Suits and Valentine’s Day candy hearts. The soft texture and shiny appearance makes it a sneaker that feels just as comfortable as it looks. Pink velvet or purple velvet make velvet sneakers the perfect staple of fall fashion.

2.    Velcro-Strapped Sneakers

In 2017, women’s lives are hectic. They are juggling work, kids, finances, and possibly continuing education. Time is valuable, so a second of it should not be wasted on fumbling with shoelaces. Times have changed, which means Velcro-strapped sneakers are not just for young kids anymore. Velcro-strapped sneakers are perfect for women who do not have a second of their time to spare. Dark-colored sneakers with shiny black Velcro-straps give a sophisticated woman a classy, yet comfortable look.

3.    Platform Sneakers

In today’s world, everyone is always in competition with each other. One of the most common competitions is height. Every woman needs a boost sometimes, which explains women’s obsession with high-heels. However, high-heels are uncomfortable, and long-term wear can be detrimental to a woman’s podiatric health. Platform sneakers give women the boost they need, without causing them pain or detriment to their podiatric health.

Unlike heels, platform sneakers are more even-surfaced, so the wearer does not experience the same pain and does not have the same potential to develop foot problems as she would with wearing high-heels on a constant basis. Platform sneakers give women the best of both worlds, which are height and comfort. No woman should have to sacrifice comfort for height.

4.    Zipper Sneakers

As the weather becomes crisper and cooler, zippers creep their way into everyone’s daily routine once again. In order to stay warm, zippers are must because they are required to close up coats, jackets, pants, etc. Zippers have made a revolution for the fall of 2017. They are no longer intended to just close up coats, jackets, pants, and other articles of clothing that have been closed via zipper for the past centuries. Zippers have made their way to another casual article of clothing, which is sneakers. This also helps save women seconds they would be spending on fumbling around with finicky shoelaces.

5.    Silver Glittery Sneakers

Both silver and glitter are most commonly associated with feminine style because they both sparkle just as all women do. Many name brands such as Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, Kenneth Cole New York, and Gucci have embraced this trend by designing gorgeous sneakers.

Sneakers are definitely evolving from being merely casual to being quite suitable for extravagant occasions. Silver glittery sneakers show that style and comfort are definitely working better together than they have in past years. When a woman wears silver glittery sneakers, she will sparkle like a star everywhere her feet take her.

The fall of 2017 trends for women’s sneakers are showing that women are living in a time of fashion revolution. Women are busier than they have ever been, so they are seeking more convenience. Women constantly want to be stylish, and a footwear that was once considered to be strictly casual is now evolving into being more stylish and even a bit fancier. The Velcro-strapped sneakers and the zipper sneakers provide women with the convenience they need in their tight schedules.

The platform sneakers provide a woman with a bit of boost, so she can win a women’s height competition and have a sense of empowerment, without inflicting pain and foot problems on herself. The velvet sneakers and silver glittery sneakers are the epitome of the new age of style and comfort working peacefully together. A woman can now shine and sparkle at any occasion, without sacrificing comfort for style. Shoes are the most important fashion accessory, and feet are one of the most important body parts. Therefore, women should treat their feet right with a pair of trendy, stylish, and comfortable sneakers

Published by Andre Smith