Some jobs require climbing to high places in order to work, especially in construction and cleaning. If you are a contractor, you are required to ensure the safety of the workers with the help of a fall protection system. This helps to make sure that the work is done without any accidents due to negligence.

What is a Static Line System?

The first thing to clear out is the definition of the static line system. It is the system made of ropes and mounting gears to make sure that the worker can work freely while being tied to a rope as it ensures their safety from accidents.

Where do you need Static Line Systems?

This system is used in various places. However, it is applied the most on the roof, elevators, cranes runaway, loading docks and even on top of trucks. This system is made for the safety of the workers and to maintain the easiness of doing work while providing them with the required safety.

The Process of Selection of Static Line Systems

There are many things to keep in mind when you decide to buy a static line system.

  • The Reputation of the Company: The first and foremost thing to do before you hire any company is to check whether they are certified or not and go through their previous work and reviews provided by their previous clients. In the world of computers and internet, it is a rather easy task and still if you are not sure, contact a few clients online or look for a company that has worked locally, so that, you can get a clear image of the company from someone you trust.
  • Certification: Selection of a static line systems provider is a tough task that can be narrowed down easily with this method. Do not choose a provider that does not have the required certification, if you do so, it will not only put your life at risk but also your workers and in some cases loved ones as well.
  • Requirements: You will have your own requirements for the job and even though there is some standard equipment available in the market but more often than not, you will require some customized tools to fulfill all your needs.
  • Installation: One thing to keep in mind is the fact that it is essentially an engineer’s work and the required professionals should be available on site at the time of installation. This will help in the right installation and also reduces the risk by a huge margin.
  • A Complete Package: Look for a company that provides the complete work, this will help to reduce cost as well as save time and efforts. A company that supplies, installs and even keeps tracks of the modifications and services required after the installation is your best bet, as; this will ensure that you do not have to face any problems due to maintenance even after the work is done.
  • Cost and Time: Other major aspects of this work are the cost involved and the time that will be consumed in the entire work. Get a written notice of the money that might be involved and the time that will take and do not rely on verbal promises.

A good selection of static line system can be the make or break of the project that you are working on. It can be your daily work or a work you previously started that requires these services. Do not make a hasty decision about who you choose for this delicate and intricate work. Make sure that the person you are choosing is right for the job.



Published by Jack Louis