Schedules and trailers!

Season Zero released a proposed schedule for each network, then the actual schedule released at the upfronts, along with trailers.  With NBC, two suggestions stood out.  Fist, The Enemy Within was the pick for the post-Voice slot on Monday, as it is quite similar to shows that worked there in the past.  I was kind of hoping to see NBC make a surprise move and put their new medical show there, right opposite ABC’s The Good Doctor.  And neither one happened, as NBC opted to go with Manifest instead.  This slot may not be as much of a bonus as it once was, but it’s still a good sign that NBC wants to make Manifest the new Lost, not the next The Crossing or The Event.

The other suggestion was that The Village would replace This is Us at the end of the season, while I was convinced it would follow the hit show in the Tuesday at 10 spot.  And I was dead wrong on that!  As Season Zero predicted, the new medical show got the ten pm slot, and The Village will be held back for midseason.  I think it’s a mistake, but we will see!

Fox came next.  911 and The Resident were an unsurprising pair on Monday, though the real schedule flips their slots from the proposed one.  Fox is putting The Gifted on Tuesday, after the proposal had suggested that Fox likely regretted even renewing the show and it would probably not make the fall schedule.  It will make an odd pairing with Lethal Weapon.  As it turned out, what didn’t make the fall schedule was either of their new dramas.  Which doesn’t seem like a good sign, though Fox has had success with midseason launches in the past.

Then we have ABC.  The proposal followed my idea of putting the new Nathan Fillion show in a long troubled slot, Tuesday at ten, expecting the established ABC star to succeed anywhere.  Drama A Million Little Things was proposed for Wednesday at 10, countering cop shows on the other nets.  Both of these moves came true when the real schedule was released.

CBS was proposed to launch God Friended Me in the Monday at 9 slot, following Big Bang and a new comedy, suggesting this could be a chance for the net to get a bit younger.  Thinking God Friended Me is DOA, I would prefer to see Magnum PI put in position to grab a more youthful audience than the CBS norm.  FBI was proposed to get the post-NCIS slot, as the vet show is still a good option to launch a new hit, though it definitely seems to be showing its age.  Magnum was placed at 9 Wednesday, following Survivor.  The real schedule put Magnum at 9 on Monday, though it will be following two new comedies, with no Big Bang in sight.  FBI did get the proposed slot, while God Friended Me ended up on Sunday.  I stand by my thought that it could be the first show cancelled, though it actually seems to be getting some positive buzz now.

The CW proposal put Charmed and Supernatural together on Sundays, while All-American followed The Flash on Tuesday.  Legacies followed Riverdale on Wednesday.  The real schedule put DC shows in all four spots for Monday and Tuesday.  All-American follows Riverdale on Wednesday, while Legacies comes after Supernatural on Thursday. Charmed is on Sundays, with Supergirl.  I have to agree with the real schedule putting the high school shows together, though  Riverdale seemed to fade this season.  Honestly, either Charmed or Legacies should work with Supernatural, except for fans who will refuse to watch the shows that were picked up instead of Wayward Sisters.

Spoiler TV gives a quick review of the schedules.  NBC is praised, though said to be boring.  The real boring move though, would have been to put The Enemy Within after The Voice, seeing as how it seems like a carbon copy of previous shows in that slot, Blindspot and especially The Blacklist.  I’m glad to see Manifest there instead, even if I kind of suspect it will be another one and done genre show.  Fox was criticized for not using 911 to launch a new show, though that could still happen later if The Resident falters in its sophomore season.  The review is critical of ABC keeping its Shonda Rimes Thursday together, arguing that A Million Little Things should have been put in the 9 slot, after Grey’s Anatomy.  I still like AMLT on Wednesday at 10, competing with two cop shows.  It will also still be following an ABC stalwart in Modern Family, though with Single Parents between the two.

The CBS schedule takes some criticism, with Magnum PI likely to suffer because of the shows before and after it.  Following Survivor on Wednesday is a suggested alternative for the show, though CBS opted to keep Seal Team in that slot.  The CW schedule was mostly praised, though there was some question of if five superhero shows in a three night stretch could lead to some viewer fatigue.

Published by Andrew Clendening