Fall fashion is my favorite. I love the rich colors, the soft fabrics, and the opportunity to layer without sweltering in the heat. Don't get me wrong, I love the summer and the hot weather, and I'm really not looking forward to the winter in Minnesota, but I'm excited to wear my favorite fall clothes again. This time when I ordered my Trendsend box from Evereve, I told my stylist I'm getting ready for fall and would like items that fit the season. As I opened my box a swirl of rich fall colors and patterns greeted me, and I just knew I was in trouble. If you like anything that I received I linked the products for you!

How Trendsend Works

  • Sign up and fill out a detailed style profile. Trendsend has one of the longer profiles I've filled out, but at least they get a lot of details about what you like and your lifestyle.
  • Request a box or set up an automatic delivery for every 1, 2, or 3 months. I have mine set at 1 month... but for some reason I didn't automatically get one in July. But it was easy to request a box this month.
  • Trendsend will charge you a $1 processing fee that will be credited toward any of your purchases.
  • Trendsend styles your box and ships it to you FOR FREE!
  • Try everything on, take pictures, take notes, model for your significant other, whatever helps you process the clothing.
  • Keep what you like, and send everything else back in the prepaid shipping envelope provided!

I think I can honestly say this is the first time I have loved every item of clothing after opening a subscription box. Before even trying anything on, I was doing math to see how much it would cost to keep everything ($518!!!). Unfortunately Trendsend doesn't offer a keep-all discount. They're much more like Trunk Club only have lower price points and are tailored specifically to moms (which doesn't mean you need to be one to wear their clothes!). Needless-to-say I had some tough decisions to make.

When you get your Trendsend the items are grouped into outfits, as opposed to being limited to a specific number of items. In this box my stylist put together three outfits for me. They also send a letter detailing the pieces and why she selected each one.

Hi Mallory,

Happy Trendsend Day! I was so excited to do this box for you! We have gotten in so many great fall items that will be great for September in Minneapolis and your style and colors were right up my alley. I also have the same concerns when it comes to clothes fitting and so I pulled items that I love and also ones that you requested as well. Everything in this box will be able to layer so you will get the most out of everything.

Outfit One:

Free People SL Tree Swing Tunic - $88

Stylist's Note: This is such a romantic print and the color is perfect or fall. Don't worry about the XS. It runs very large. You will have plenty of room. It looks great under a cardigan, denim or leather jacket.

My stylist wasn't kidding; this shirt is like a tent! It's huge! Keep in mind I typically wear size medium. I absolutely LOVE the color and the print, but unfortunately this cut just isn't doing anything for me. Even if I could get over the huge amount of fabric, the arm holes are giant and the neck plunges down really low. Plus I'm not sure about the strap that goes by the neck. I thought maybe I put it on backwards, but I checked the website and I was wearing it correctly. Unfortunately this top doesn't come in an XXXS, or I would be all over it!

Verdict: Return

Lovestitch Fringe Drape Cardy - $88

Stylist's Note: I love these cardigans. They are so soft and perfect for a cold fall day. You can leave it open or close it and it would look great with some riding boots and skinny jeans.

This cardigan would be a total keeper if there was fringe on both sides. While I appreciate the versatility in that the cardigan could be worn open or closed, I prefer to wear them open, and when it's open it looks lopsided. It's too bad, because it's really comfortable and  I like the color. However for the price I want to be 100% happy with it.

Verdict: Return

The jeans are ones I bought from Loft a few years ago, and the booties are from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. I can't wait to wear them this fall!

Outfit Two:

Sanctuary Lolita Cold Shoulder - $49

Stylist's Note: Unfortunately we are out of the La Mode Tee but this is the next best thing. These are brand new and the color will look amazing against your red hair.

I have been wanting a good cold shoulder top, and I love how this one is a nice basic for fall. I love the color, and I'm sure I'll get a lot of wear out of this.

Verdict: Keep

Braeve Cassia Jogger - $58

Stylist's Note: No need to explain why I picked these. So glad I could find them for you. You will love how easy these are to wear.

I requested these after seeing them in Evereve's Look Book because I was in love with the pattern. My husband thinks these look like pajama pants, but I don't care. I like the look with the cold shoulder top, and I have other tops I think it will work with. As long as I style them correctly I won't look like I just rolled out of bed, right?

Verdict: Keep

I got this necklace from Charming Charlie when they were having a two for $10 necklace sale. The shoes are my black matte Tieks.

Outfit Three:

Peyton Jensen Frisco Stripe Top - $48

Stylist's Note: This feels so amazing on and will be a perfect laying shirt. The stripes are bolder than others so it will stand out nicely.

This shirt is really soft, but I'm just not loving the really bold black and off-white stripes. I noticed in the pictures that I had the sleeves pushed up weird, but it really is a nice looking shirt. When looking up this item online I noticed it comes in an olive/black stripe colorway (also in brick/oatmeal stripe). One of the great things about Trendsend is they will exchange colors and sizes if you request them while checking out. I think I will go ahead and ask for the other color instead of this one.

Verdict: Return and request alternative colorway

Kersh Safari Jacket - $98

Stylist's Note: This is one of my new favorite jackets! The color is amazing and will be perfect for September and October. My favorite part is that it doesn't run oversized, so it still shows off your shape.

I love the "Chianti" color of this jacket and it will be a great fall staple. Again I don't think I did this jacket justice in the pictures, but it lays really well and fits nicely. My wallet is hurting, but I don't have anything like this (other than a denim jacket) so I think I can justify buying it. There is also an olive version of this same jacket.

Verdict: Keep

Kut from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend - $89

Stylist's Note: The dark denim is a must for fall. And you get enough distress detail that you still look appropriate yet young.

This fit well but the level of distressing wasn't really what I was looking for. I want a pair of statement jeans, not really ones with a subtle amount of distressing. I'm only 29 years old, and my job is being a stay-at-home-mom, so I'm not too worried about looking "appropriate." These would be a great basic pair of pants and I don't have dark wash boyfriends in my closet, but given that I'm already keeping four items from this box, I'm not looking to spend money on something that I'm not looking for.

Verdict: Return

The necklace was my other pick from Charming Charlie, and the booties I got from DSW last fall.

Summary and Overall Impressions:

  • Free People SL Free Swing Tunic: Return
  • Lovestitch Fringe Drape Cardigan: Return
  • Sanctuary Lolita Cold Shoulder: Keep
  • Braeve Cassia Jogger: Keep
  • Peyton Jensen Frisco Striped Top: Return but hoping for exchange
  • Kersh Safari Jacket: Keep
  • Kut from the Kloth Catherine Boyfriend: Return
  • Total: $205 minus $1 processing fee credit = $204

This box was awesome. My stylist did a great job picking out fabulous fall items and I liked every piece for one reason or another. Fortunately for my wallet I did send back some of the items. Trendsend may not have a keep-all incentive, but Evereve does have a rewards program where if you spend more than $150 in two months they will send you a rewards coupon in the mail. So at least I have that to look forward to... and whatever my stylist will send next month!

Are you gearing up for fall yet? What can't you wait to wear?

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