Hello! It’s Madelyn and it’s been a while! School surely has kept me busy. I’ve been on this book forever. But I finally finished today. Or rather, by the time this goes up, yesterday. But who cares about specifics?

But anyways, a review of Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes. This will be a mess because I’m pretty sure we all know I am a raging fangirl who is constantly a mess. Minor spoilers up ahead! Beware if you haven’t read this book yet!

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Madelyn’s Sucky Plot Summary: This is kinda long since there are lots of characters and different points of views going on here. There are three kingdoms: Auranos, Limeros, and Paelsia. The story is told from mainly four points of views but I keep forgetting who Alexius is when he pops in every now and then so there are five points of views.

  • We have Princess Cleo from Auranos who is a spoiled princess who is the youngest of the family. Then there is Prince Magnus and Princess Lucia from Auranos. And peasant Jonas from Paelsia. And Alexius is a Watcher from a magical sacred land called the Sancturary.
  • Cleo witnesses violence right before her eyes and that is in the form of Jonas’s older brother’s death which spurs Jonas on vengence. And Cleo is set on this journey to save her family because of that one event at the beginning that she witnesses that makes her peaceful life change course.
  • Magnus is a cold teen prince who wants his cruel father’s acceptance while he deals with some forbidden feelings. And Lucia finds out this huge secret about who she really is that changes everything she thought she knew.
  • War brews over securing land and obtaining the Kindred which holds the magic of elementia which can give someone immense magic powers.

Rating: 4/5 Stars

This book started out pretty wild with a death or two…and that was just the prologue. But then there really is another death that sparks all of these events to happen and everyone in this book is somehow connected to each other and it’s pretty cool even though the characters are in different countries. But war pulls everyone together, am I right?

The plot, I feel, was like a roller coaster. It started off going up pretty high with the prologue. I was like “What is happening?” and blood was spilled and I was like “Oh my.” and then more blood was spilled. Then it calmed down a bit with Cleo’s life afterwards back at home.

Then we give Magnus’s family a visit. And it’s pretty tense and intense. They have so many dark secrets and schemes and it’s very twisted. That family is very, very different from Cleo’s family where it’s much warmer. King Gaius, Magnus’s father, is known as the King of Blood and he was pretty twisted and cruel as his nickname states. I was pretty shocked at the beginning when he was planning an alliance with the Chief of Paelsia and he just sacrificed someone as the Chief wanted and I was like “Wooww…that is insane. You didn’t even take the time to mull over it.”

And about Magnus. He is very sassy. And he often reminded me of Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender. They both were princes with harsh and cruel fathers and they both wanted some form of acceptance from their father.

Then Jonas. I kind of found him annoying but hey, the kid watch his brother die before him and then became hell-bent on vengeance. So I understood him a little better as the book went on. And I was glad for his little epiphany near the end. Like yes.

Oh, and Lucia. She was such a sweet little girl all throughout the book. I found her character a little weak but not everyone can be a strong character. I think she started off this innocent and sort of weakish so the author can put a twist. She’s going to be all-powerful isn’t she? Like wham! ka-pow! She’s powerful. I love the sibling love that keeps her going though; I think she’s strong in the sense of wanting to protect her family that she holds dear. I also think that’s what powers her to do everything which I find so lovely.

I also was glad for Cleo’s development. She was pretty fiery to start with but that flame grew and grew as the book went on and horrible events happened (I was pretty upset with her too. She lost so much). Then she took charge of her life and stood strong even though her country is basically conquered. She sounded very determined to make things right at the end and I was so proud. Be the beautiful warrior butterfly that you are, Cleo!

10/10 would recommend (slant rhyme!): If you like multi-POV books and fantasy, this is the book for you! A lot happens in this book and it gets pretty intense and there are a few plot twists. Also, if you like books with princesses and princes and all that jazz with royalty, this is for you too. This book was great with the varying personalities of the characters and just what is driving them to do these things. I really loved the contrast with the Auranian royal family and the Limerian royal family. This was a very interesting book and I will be starting on reading the next book tonight since I bought myself a bunch of books this Christmas.

Alright. Time to read til the sun rises. 

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