Lying on my back

Eyes closed

Palms up

Cupped with sunshine

Thousands of tiny rose petals

Descend ever so gently

Kissing lightly, with tiny lips

like miniature ballet slippers

Upon my cloudless face 


Falling up with you

My favorite state of mind

Drifting through time and space

to the cadence of Chopin’s Nocturne in E Flat Major

Dainty and delicate

Soft and serene 

Sappho says “For to whomsoever I do good

They harm me most”

but not you


Falling up

Is easiest with you

Back adhered to sky

Hair billowing around my face

and onto yours

Your lips taste like banana pancakes

shared on a rooftop at dawn

What a lavender menace you are


And what a beautiful imbalance it is

to be falling up with  you

Published by Alison Howe