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False Illusions (False Series book one)

A. Cramton

Madison is stuck. She's stuck in Las Vegas. She’s stuck without a job. She's stuck in a loveless engagement with a cheating fiancé. She never expected to turn into the thing she despises.

Yoel is in Vegas to win the heavyweight boxing title from none other than Madison’s fiancé, Marcus. He's concocted a plan to seduce Madison so that he can rub her indiscretion in Marcus’ face during the title fight. He never expected to fall in love.

Standalone contemporary sports romance with a HEA. Mature audiences only.

This book does contain cheating.

I wish I could give more of a description, but I feel as though anything else would be spoilers!

I have mixed feeling about this book. I don't like cheating. At all. However, I did really enjoy this book despite it.

In the beginning, Madison was a severe pushover who was only in the engagement because her parents wanted her to be. In the end, though, Madison has transformed into a strong character. I really like when characters go through huge developments like that.

I also kept catching weird and awkward verb tenses. Some things would be in the past tense and some in the present. It didn't detract from the story, but it was noticeable.

All in all, I did enjoy this book. I kind of wish the cheating aspect had been left out, but I get why it was in there. 

4/5 stars

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