Fame. Money. Power. Top three items on the endless list of what people are willing to fight for regardless the cost that these may come at. It is almost fascinating to watch people power struggle for money, do absolutely ridiculous things for fame - all of this simply to prove or re-enstate their position in society, at work or just in a friends' group. It is true that sometimes, we ask ourselves why do people go to all sorts of extents to get the 'power' that they want. The question that we should really be asking is - it the fight for these superficial things really worth it?

Let's have a look at each item one by one:

Fame: Surely, being famous has its benefits. Everyone knows who you are, if you make it to the top list like Michael Jackson or J. K. Rowling, some may even worship you. Everyone likes to be important and to matter to people that is an undeniable fact. Simply because it soothes one's ego to know that you are important in this world. However, when you are famous - your life is pretty much exposed to the entire World. If you go out for a cup of coffee with a stranger, the press releases a statement before you even have time to take the first sip. Too much fame is sometimes tough to handle, let's look at Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan or Amy Winehous - craziness, overwhelmed by fame and popularity - drugs and finally overdose. Yes, these people are talented and famous and absolutely great, but they couldn't handle fame. So, next time you wish you were famous, just ask yourself how much of fame are you able to handle?

Money: You can't live without it - that's a fact. However, having too much money (yes, there is such a thing) can ruin relationships, friendships and can create chaos. Constant strive for money for the purposes of just having money, leads to no good. People become greedy. Families can be destroyed by money ties, if the bank accounts are linked, or someone is in debt. Money can be inspire the sickness of gambling - which ruins a lot of good things in your life. One should always plan expenses in relevance to their income. You cannot spend more than you have - and some people tend to be blinded by the illusion of otherwise. So, next time you think of the money, just think about the risks you may put your life at.

Power: Power - so much strength in that tiny word. Employees strive for more power at work, just to prove their position is more important than the others. Politicians strive for power to make changes for the better good of the society. Is it really worth fighting for the power? Is it really that good if one person has all the power? Whatever happened to sharing the responsibilities and being a team. In my experience a group of people working for the same purpose - is a more powerful team than an individual fighting for something that is not meaningful on its own. Wouldn't you agree?

Today, we live in the world, where fame, power and money are given more importance than they should have in life. Instead people should go after ​love, happiness and friendship. These things are only real when shared, so instead of focusing on your own personal goal in terms of feeling good about yourself - try sharing the happiness with people around you, try helping someone completing their project and try, just once, when passing by a street artists sparing a coin or two in appreciation. Trust me you will feel much better, if it is your ego that you need to sooth, and will actually make the world a better place without the struggle for power, money or fame.

Published by Karina Saakyan