A sparrow perched on a branch
giving itself a rest,
little did it know that a magpie
arrived first.
It’s rare for the loud magpie
to not utter a thing.
The sparrow, small and timid
was too afraid to speak.

Two boys were seated down below
taking a short break,
little did they know that a girl
was behind them.
A familiar voice mentioned her name
in an unfamiliar tone.
The girl who lacked courage
did not say a thing.

It was as though they were strangers:
the magpie and sparrow,
simply minding their own business
without batting an eye.
Like the timid girl and the loud boy
playing invisible ever since,
not acknowledging their presence
as though it was a game.

The sparrow spreads its small wings
escaping unbearable silence,
wondering if the magpie remembered
the journeys they both flew.
The girl turned and walked away,
replaying the good
reminiscences of the two of them
which stopped abruptly.

Published by Abigail Tan