“Please John, I need you to do this,”

    “Look, I’m in the running to become lieutenant of the knights. I can’t be distracted.”

    Carver almost giggles sarcastically. “So that’s what’s so important. Not me? Not your nephew?”

    “You constantly want to make me the bad guy. That’s really funny coming from someone who just showed up after 6 years.”

    “But I'm your blood…”

    “You just showed up at my bloody door! Don't talk to me about blood! The same blood who wouldn't let me leave dad’s house even though he beats us!”

    Those words sank into Carver’s chest. He couldn't even say another word. Neither can John. They were both done with the arguing, but they still needed to figure out a solution.

    “We can figure this out…” John softly said. “But running and leaving your kid behind is not the answer. It's already late, you can stay in the stables and we can think of a plan.”

    “Sounds good. I just have to get the rest of his stuff,” said Carver as he left back outside. John waited patiently as he was still holding Leon. John noticed that Carver has been gone for more than a couple of seconds. He walks to the doors and cracks it open. He sees nothing. Where is Carver?

    “Carver?” John called out but he got no response.

    “Carver?” he calls out again. He looks around and sees that there is no one out there. All that’s left is a bag. John started to put the pieces together. His heart starts beating faster. He is now realizing the situation he is in now.

    “No… No, no, no, no…” John said as it sounded like he was running out of breath. John’s life was about to change for the worse.

    “Come back! Don’t leave me!” John shouted but he knows that Carver is long gone.

    “He left me…” he quietly said to himself. He can’t believe what’s happening to him. He wanted to just cry on the floor and hope things will go back to normal. None of this can be real! This has to be some sort of dream. He is even hoping this is some type of test. But no… Everything that’s happening is happening. John now has to deal with his nephew.

 “I promise I'm a good person. I'm not the terrible guy that hasn't seen you for 6 years...You were just a surprise to me, that's why I acted… The way I acted.”

    “Were you really going to cry and start calling for mommy?” Leon asked. John smiled not because of the smart comment, but the fact he said a sentence. It felt like a mission accomplished.

    “Well, if my mom wasn't a selfish prick… Then yeah, maybe I would.” John realizes that he has poor choice of words. “Look, I say a lot of bad stuff… And a lot of bad words… Especially about my parents. Just don't repeat any of it.”

    “I won't,” said Leon as he smiled at him.

    “Don’t worry Leon, I’m going to treat you the way my parents never did…”

*Taken from Succession's chapter 2

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