Family time is extremely important. Teach your children to enjoy nature and traveling as much as you do. Allow them to get to know the world by walking it and seeing it from an explorer’s perspective.

Griffith Park, Los Angeles, CA

Let’s start locally. Los Angeles certainly has a number of well-designed family trails. A lot of them are within Griffith Park which encompasses a variety of fun activities you will be able to experience with your kids. What’s more, you are allowed to take your furry friends with you on a leash, so nobody gets left out.

The favorite trail here is the Charlie Turner Trail. It is about three miles in total and it features the slopes of Mt. Hollywood and the Observatory which is one of the landmarks of the park. It is also the starting point of this trail.

You can stop for breaks as there are picnic tables available at the top. You can reward yourselves for a successful completion of the trail at the “Café at the End of the Universe” within the Observatory.

Hazelwood Forest Walk, Sligo, Ireland

If you decide to take your children out to explore the world, Ireland may be one of the most magical places you can take them. With its long history and tradition, its unique natural life gives this little country an air of mystery and admiration. The town of Sligo is known for its beautiful countryside and long heritage.

It is a home to the Hazelwood Forest Walk which is a great place to take your children. The route goes along the local lake taking you further ahead through the “sculpture trail” where you will be able to see a number of wooden sculptures. They create a fairytale-like scenery.

It is suitable for very young children and it is stroller-friendly. It is a bit less than 2 miles long and it takes from one hour to as long as you want.

Keiservarden Mountain, Bodo, Norway

Speaking of magic, move further up to show your kids something truly magical. The Keiservarden Mountain trail will leave you in awe, and not just your kids. The trail is best visited in the summer.

It is about 1.5 miles long and it starts off as an extremely easy path through nature. About half-way through, you will get to the hilly part featuring their famous stone stairs. It is only about 366m above the sea level and the kids will have no problem taking it on.

It offers an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding area. However, most importantly, if you stay up, you will be able to witness the midnight Sun! That is truly amazing and only seen in those parts of the world.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

We are still in Europe, but further down the South-East way in Croatia. Plitvice Lakes is the largest and one of the oldest national parks in the country. It is also a part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

To choose your starting point, you would have to look at the map and find the closest entrance to where you are coming from. This is a 2.5-mile long walk around a number of lakes and waterfalls. It includes steps, so a stroller may impose a bit of a challenge.

There are several boat lines you can take to overcome the hard parts. Seeing the park from a boat and resting for a bit might not be a bad idea.  There is also a train you could take. With the boat and the train, the trail has been beautifully designed to offer everyone an opportunity to see the park in its entirety.

Bay of Fires, Tasmania

Here is another exciting and exotic place for the entire family to visit. It is even further down South, all the way down in Tasmania. The breath-taking Bay of Fires walk is truly unique, unlike anything we have mentioned so far. It stretches from Binalong Bay to Eddystone point and is about 30 miles long. You can walk a small section of it or make this into a camping or lodging trip.

Clear water, white beaches, orange rocks, green forests, this trail has it all. It still features evidence of the first inhabitants of Tasmania. A guide will be able to tell you great stories of nature, wildlife, legends, and history. It is a very easy walk and the only trouble your children may have is its length.


The Great Wall of China, China

Crossing great distances has landed us in China on one of the most famous trails ever.

The wall is 13.710 miles long. Walking the entire wall is virtually impossible, so choose those sections marked as child-friendly and enjoy the walk together. Give them an opportunity to walk across one of the seven wonders of the world.

Cleaver people have introduced the features such as chair lifts and cable car rides for tired children. To make it even more exciting, once you are done exploring the wall, you can simply take a slide down to the bottom. The kids will love it!

Each one of the trails can deliver value and be exactly what you are looking for. Selecting these 6 trails was extremely difficult. The world is full of beautiful places you can visit if you take a little time and do some research. You will love it and your kids will thank you for it.

Published by Victoria Lim