Goa is much more than just the beaches, rave parties, and Sunburn! With the harmonious blend of different beliefs and tourists from around the world, the land of beaches churches is the perfect place to be for shopping and nightlife.

Clean white sands, stunning sunsets, and breezy vibes - I feel ecstatic already. But hey, how could one miss on the exquisite Goan festivals that have the world crazy?

You must be living under a rock if you think Sunburn is the only electrifying festival here.

Goa is a paradise for social junkies who just need a party to drop dead

Keep scrolling to know about the other festive trump cards, Goa isn’t the sole bearer.

9 Famous Goan Festivals You Must Attend at Least Once!

1. Goa International Latin Festival

The stage is set on fire as the International artists drop their beats. Some favourite bands/DJs who perform here are Group Alafia (Italy), Dj Dmitri (Dubai), Richard David Tholoor (India), Ranjani Venkatesan (India), among many other artists.

This International Latin Festival includes pool parties, dance championships, workshops, etc. In short, truly a worthy place for great moments. If you are a Salsa lover, BINGO! You’ll be able to see graceful salsa performances by national and International artists.

2. International Jazz Festival

The International Festival is round the corner and is almost set to hit the ground this fall. Experience the perfect blend of jazz and contemporary music. You can witness a wonderful brew of live music performances by the legends from all around the world.

These are some biggies who played last year:

Malika Tirolien, Yuichiro Tokuda’s Ralyzzdig,  World Service Project, Tam De Villiers Quartet, Jazmine: The Steve Sequeira Ensemble, Gael Horellou Identite.

3. Goa Food and Music Festival

If you want to enjoy a perfect musical battle night with lip-smackin food, head over to this fest.

You’ll get to taste some yummylicious platters like:

  • Vindaloo
  • Sarapatel
  • Cafreal
  • Shrimp Curry

The cultural festival headlines with the acts of Bollywood celebrities, fashion designers, and the famous Goan bands. A night couldn’t be more perfect than this.

4. Festival of Goa Carnival

If you haven't attended this, you are missing out a great experience of cultural bliss. February of Goa embodies vibrant colours of forty days before Easter begins- The festival of Goa Carnival.

Where is it held?

Almost all the Goan streets are the venue for carnival streets.

You’ll find chirpy girls and happy boys on every street, singing carols and poems.

If you’re a diehard fan of music and colours, don’t skip this one.

5. The Grape Escapade

Goa is incomplete without the mention of its liquor range. Though every party offers a wide range of drinks and alcohol, but there’s also a high-profile event dedicated to it.

The Grape Escapade welcomes you to India's largest wine festival being held every year in January since 2005. If you like to wine and dine, book your tickets for the next year in time.

6. VH1 Supersonic

The most awaited beach party of India - VH1 Supersonic. The Indian and International artists play some electrifying beats.

 Imagine grooving to the beats of artists like:

●        Zedd

●        Macklemore

●        Eric Prydz

So, what are you waiting for?

Dance till your toes hurt.

7. New Year Fiesta

Cheers to New Year start with “Happy New Year" screams all around. New Year Fiesta with its inherent party culture will make your new year's eve worth remembering. The euphoric church bells and the Goan trance add a mystifying aura. Would you care to miss it?

8. Sao Jao

Sao Jao Festival allows you to dive deep into the culture of Goa. The festival hits the door on 24th June every year. Seal your plans this coming June.

The village youth attend the fest wearing crowns of leaves & feathers, dancing till they drop dead. With bottles of Feni in hands, they roam on the street which induces an instant chill needed on the break. In Salcete Taluka, people perform folk dances or Mandos, popularly known as Sangodds.

Apart from this, there is a custom to exchange pleasantries and food with your in-laws if there’s a newlywed girl in the house.

9. Shigmo Festival

Shigmo is the perfect answer from Goa to Holi. The fest can be conveniently termed ‘Goan Holi’. In addition, it has religious strings attached to it. This festival celebrates the homecoming of people who left their families and home after Dusshera to fight the invaders. The inexhaustible dance of men and women on the streets, won't allow you to take your eyes off!

What a Wonderful Goa!

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