Fanfiction's popularity is growing rapidly, transforming the consumer into a creator/consumer. Writing fanfiction or manipulating images and videos makes the viewers not just be consuming the film/tv show/books but becoming an active participant in the creative side. 

There are many different types of fanfiction. These include: 

  • AU (Alternative Universe) - This is when the characters are still the real characters but they are written into a world different than their own. 
  • Crack fic - When a story has a completely ridiculous storyline and could never happen mainly for humour
  • Crossover - Stories that incorporate 2 or more different films/tv shows or books, for example putting the characters from Harry Potter into the Game of Thrones world
  • Gen Fic - No relationship present in the story
  • Post-Canon - Where the events in the fanfiction take place after the original source
  • Imagines - They are usually blank of names so people can use their own name and feel as if it is about them
  • RPF (Real Person Fiction) - Stories that include someone that actually exists, primarily celebrities. 
  • Slash Fics - Both main characters or two of them, are male and have a romantic relationship in the story 

I'm sure there are many more, but these are just the ones I know. I am not ashamed (okay maybe a little) to admit that I enjoy fanfiction. I read it, and more recently write it too. I wrote an essay about fanfiction for one of my University modules, and whilst that was more weighted towards gender, and whether fanfiction is a type of pornography for women it was very interesting to research and write. I wanted to write so much more than I did, but was limited to only 3000 words. 

Most of this post will be what I wanted to say in my essay but it wasn't relevant or I just didn't manage to fit it in the word count, but the purpose of this post was to help people to understand that fanfiction isn't just for horny teens. 

Why do people read fanfictions?

I believe that people read fanfiction as a way of escaping. The same way that some people read books or watch films and tv programs to escape their own worries or minds, they can focus on the stories. Another reason could simply be that they haven't had enough of the source material. Fanfiction opens up a whole new platform for people to explore worlds within books, films and TV that they enjoy, even if they are fan made. They could also not like the way something happened in the original source, and seek out something that goes the way they want it to. For example, there are stories that put Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger from Harry Potter together when in the original source there is no indication of this ever happening (Although personally I am a big fan of 'Dramione' I think they would have made an interesting couple and have written a few fanfictions with them as the two main characters). This links closely with why people write fanfictions. 

So why do people write fanfiction? 

Personally, and I believe this is the same for other people, I write fanfiction for two reasons. The first is that something in the original source either didn't happen or didn't go the way I wanted to go. Using the last example again, but if someone 'ships' a couple together that aren't together in the original source, in creating fanfiction this can be explored. It can also be because they want more of the story, so they write a continuation. Another reason is that often, usually in the case of AU fanfictions, people have a story idea but don't want to have to create characters, or just already have the people in mind that exist in someone elses work. An example of this is a piece I started writing about a kidnapping when I was younger, the characters were really weak so I changed it into an AU and used the members of 5 Seconds Of Summer as the main characters so that I could give stronger descriptions and they would be easily recognisable for someone reading the story. 

There isn't just stories that create this whole other side to the original source. There are videos and images that are manipulated to create what the person wants to see.
DracoxHermione video

One of my absolute favourite Dramione manips by lusG on deviantart

Where to find fanfiction: 

There are many different sites that you can read fanfiction on. My personal favourites, and the ones I have accounts on, are Wattpad and Wattpad is better for Real Person Fiction, and I find is better for stories that are from books, tv and film. 

You can find my personal accounts at: 


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