this is actually a rather glorified rant post, but i'm obligated as a (wannabe) writer to make things sound nice. at least in the title.
anyways. i think y'all know i love reading. a lot. and my wide range of reading material includes fanfiction. it's my guilty pleasure.

unfortunately, fanfic hunting is very, very tedious. oh sure, there are millions of fanfics on the internet. at first glance, one would think "oh! look at all those stories! imma take a nice long while to get through these!" but noooooo.

only about one out of ten fanfics on the internet are well-written. and one out of five are readable. i'm not kidding, but i wish i were.
if you've been the victim of such fics, join the club. if not, let me tell you why.

1. kids nowadays are incredibly horny. much so that it's, oh my god, just. so. UGH. and ew. a lot of these people are like 12 year olds, where the heck do they learn all...these from?? if you see "smut" or "lemon" in the title of a fanfic, don't read it. you'll regret it, i promise.'re into that kind of thing...then i don't really have much to say.
2. some people don't know what spelling is. honestly, it's like they can't remember if they're texting or writing a damn story. "it's gr8 2 mt ya, harreh!!" i sob at the thought.
3. ah yes. speaking of which, there are like 10 million one direction fanfics on the internet. *cringe*
4. STOP IT WITH THE BAD BOY FETISH. PLEASE. and suddenly, the (very) innocent and super lovable seth clearwater (twilight is my guilty pleasure, please don't stone me) becomes some angsty bad boy with an attitude and a taste for clubbing and motorcycles and looking for girls. no. same thing with the "he was a rebel playboy who had a different girl on his arm every night until he met her (usually some super average girl) and fell in love. which brings me to the next point.
5. "(-inserts name-) love story". not terribly creative, are you?
6. "i'm not good at summaries, but i promise my story is a lot better than it sounds!!" hmmmm.
7. "i'm just your average girl, living an average life. no one ever pays much attention to me. oh!! except!! i have superpowers!!" my god, no. please.
8. "she wore a blue dress that looked like this (-link to polyvore-)". no. you're a writer, goddammit, at least i assume you want to be one. you're supposed to describe their clothes, or not at all, if you like. but do not, for pete's sake, insert a link to a polyvore outfit. it's, frankly, a little annoying. and really lazy too.

aaand i'm going to stop here. because i can't think of anything else at the moment, and i'm long due for another post (oops). 

so there you have it. my fanfiction woes. disclaimer: don't take this too seriously, please. this is just my very angst-ed and exaggerated opinion. i mean, i get annoyed a lot by these kinds of fanfics, but seriously. no hating. my writing isn't that good either, so honestly, i'm not one to judge. 

i hope you enjoyed this!! it was really fun to write hehe :D


Published by Erika Wong