Okay so Thursday morning/Friday morning I went to the midnight showing of Fantastic Beasts. As a massive Harry Potter fan, I was of course excited to see another part of it come to life. However, I had my reservations. It would be a completely new part, and nothing to do with any of the characters I knew and loved. With this in mind, I went and I watched the movie with my friend, so here's my review: 

It was fantastic.

Yes, I went there. 

I was into it from the very first second of the film. There was never a dull moment, and just as you think you have it figured out - BAM, PLOT TWIST. Plot twists everywhere! To be fair, one plot twist I had figured from the start, buuut the rest even caught me out and I'm usually spot on with films when I predict things happening. 

The cast were amazing, I loved every character - and as predicted and raved about Eddie Redmayne was brilliant, his supporting actors did just that and were also amazing. The way the characters bounced off of eachother tied the whole film up nicely. 

Whilst it didn't feel like a Harry Potter movie, it definitely felt like it was in the same universe, and it was a nice look into the American side of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I wasn't a fan of the 'nonmag' instead of muggle though, sort of sounded like someone couldn't be bothered to think up another name. 

Overall, the film was amazing. I wish I could watch it on a loop until the next ones come out. 

And it definitely made up for Cursed Child (whoops did I write that?!) 


Published by Danielle Kirk