Ardent cricket enthusiasts strongly believe that cricket is more than just a sport. With this view in mind, it’s no surprise why fantasy cricket has gained such huge momentum. Having real players as part of your own cricket team, creating a potent group of players and watching that team win is a rush that cricket lovers cannot deny. Fantasy cricket helps to give you that feeling. If you win, you make money which only adds to the excitement of it all. However, at the end of the day, fantasy cricket is a game of skill that requires knowledge and selection abilities.

If you are unsure of the game goings-on, you can learn how to play fantasy cricket on Golden Jeeto. Read on to learn the ropes of the game and earn money in a confident way.

Make your own team

The first thing you need to do, if you want to play fantasy cricket is register with Golden Jeeto by logging on to the website. After this, you have to choose your favorite sport. Following this, you can go ahead and create your own team depending on the match you want to play.

Make sure you select your team wisely, as the performance of your team depends upon the team players. Remember, you have to select 11 players along with a vice captain and captain. As the season progresses, you understand the strengths and weakness of your players in an in-depth way. This helps you play to their advantage.

Brush up on those skills

A practice match is a great way to test your skills and the team’s performance. It helps you understand whether you are good or not. If your players have performed well, your confidence increases. This makes playing to earn money less stressful. You can choose to join a practice match or even a cash contest. If you are thinking of joining a cash contest on Golden Jeeto, you need to pay a nominal entry fee for each league. This can be performed with the help of net banking, debit card, e-wallet or credit card.  

Stay well versed with the rules

Understanding how you can score points and emerge a winner is imperative in any game. The same goes for fantasy cricket. When playing this game at Golden Jeeto, remember that your team members earn points according to their on-ground performance when the live match begins. After the match comes to an end, the points are tallied. Following this, the ranks are published on the website along with the list of winners.

You need to make sure that your team consists of at least three batsmen, three bowlers, a wicket-keeper and an all-rounder. You have to pick your fantasy cricket team by staying in your allotted budget of 100 credits itself. If the player you have chosen does not feature in the playing 11, you do not get any points. The best way you can learn how to play cricket fantasy league is by being a part of it. This helps you understand the rules, your team players and how to go about with the game in a smarter and better way.

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