The feisty and well-loved senator from Iloilo, Senator Miriam Defensor-Santiago died at the St Luke’s Medical Center Global City today, 29 September 2016. She was 71 years old. The news has been confirmed by the Senator’s family.

Her husband, Narciso Santiago Jr told DZBB that that the Senator died in her sleep this morning. The official time of death was 8:52am as per her official twitter page.

Miriam, as she’s fondly called by many, was not only popular because of her political stands and her wit but she was also known for her memes and funny lines! She would have been an interesting president! She filed her certificate of candidacy for president in October 2015 after saying that her condition was stable. Miriam ran alongside Bongbong Marcos, but did not participate much in campaigns and missed some debates. Her absence was presumed to be most likely due to her health condition at that time. Miriam had been fighting lung cancer since 2014.

The Senator was tough and had always been firm with her beliefs. She’s been branded to be “balimbing” (someone who sides according to whatever is beneficial) by others, but what do they know? These people who attacked her credibility as leader were nothing but TRAPOS (traditional politicians) who are "traditionally" corrupt up to their tiniest bones. Miriam survived an alleged assassination attempt in the campaign season of 1991.  Reportedly, a Catholic priest even administered on her the last rites of the dying back then. She eventually recovered and went back on campaigning after 2 months.

Miriam is survived by her husband and her son, Narciso Santiago III. She had another son, Alexander Robert, who passed away in 2003.

She was popularly quoted with these statements:

  • "I'm not afraid of cancer. There is nothing I'm afraid of"
  • I eat death threats for breakfast”                             
  • “Tatalon ako sa eroplano kapag na-aresto si Erap (I will jump from an airplane when Erap gets arrested)
  • “I lied, hahahahaha!”

These are among gazillions of witty remarks she’s uttered.

Miriam personally contributed a favorite word in my day-to-day system. After hearing her use it in 2007, gobbledygook has been part of my everyday use vocabulary. I’m promdi (Filipino slang of from the province) you know! I speak kanto (street language). I appreciate her jargons… so helpful!

Thank you Miriam Defensor-Santiago, the President that we never had.


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Published by Maria Clara