Recently I spent a few hours on the farm with my Uncle, Aunt, and her Father.

We were a few going there and even though it wasn’t such a long drive;

Eventually, the 20 kilometers on the gravel road proved to be a little long.


            Getting there wasn’t as hard, but we did have to maneuver a few trenches.

They weren’t that INTENSE,

But as we were four in the back seat – we were shaken pretty well (Martini…)


            I could see the kids were stuck far too much in the City and the few small critters were pretty interesting to them.

I only saw what looked like a Mongoose, but not sure in any case.

It was sprinting fast enough for no one to catch it.

Not that I had any kind of inclination of running after it!


            We were really lucky that the rains had stayed away,

If not then we’d still be trying to get to the Farmhouse or WORSE, trying to get out!


            The deeper you drive into the Country the more you see the remoteness of life.

The better the air smells and the slower you almost SEE time itself passes by…

Everything around you slows down.

Your Heartbeat almost slows down and you start relaxing far more than you could have Imagined possible.


            That said, when the stories start flying;

I’d easily wet myself with what I can Imagine myself is coming.

Knowing my Uncle well enough,

All the things he’d gotten up to – now steadily you hear about them and I cannot believe that things just comes his way without asking for them…


            Taking a drive with the Bakkie / Pick-Up, seeing the layout of the Farm;

Seeing what they’d be growing and seeing the Various Bulls they had between the Cows…

What I really kept away from, were the Horseflies…

Many of them and the ONLY water you can jump into wasn’t Clean in the least!


            We ate a really Brilliant lunch,

So much so that I’d even skipped Dinner.


            It was then that we once more listened to a great many Hilarious stories.

There’s just a way someone tells them,

Having gotten into FAR too much mischief already!


            The idea of living such a slowed life,

It would Far too easy take a hold of you,

We cannot slow down Our lives…

BUT then, what is there that You’d not be able to live without?


            It would be brilliant, but then I can almost suspect that there would be a few people worried and stressed about leaving something MORE important behind.

So MY IDEA one day, Living on an Island…


What would most say about that one?

Published by Cobus Vermeulen