Fashion Everyday is another inseparable part of Psifiako media that is run by a team of some talented college dropouts. Fashion Everyday is solely dedicated to women fashion. Whatever the modern world serves in the name of the trend, you will get it all here. It was started with the motive to keep our female fanbase engaged and to give them something to be inspired with. The two great brains behind running this specific successful community are Prashant Urankar and Mandar Kshire.

Psifiako media is a digital social media company that was started with the motive of entertaining people meanwhile providing them with the right information about the latest ongoings. It was started by two college dropouts Satyam Shastri and Nikhil Kale in the year 2016. Psifiako Media is the home to four other social media communities and Fashion Everyday is one of it.

Prashant Urankar who is now the Vice president and Head of Production in Fashion Everyday met Nikhil Kale during his college days. The two become really close friends and that's when Nikhil has presented him with his idea of dropping out college and to engage himself solely into earning online. The idea hit Prashant really hard and he decided to follow him. And in no time he dropped out of college too in order to create something extraordinary with Nikhil Kale.

On the other hand, Mandar Kshire who is the Vice President and Head of Social for this specific community was their online friend. He too was pretty entertained by the idea of earning online. The team has already realized that he has a lot of potential in him and deserves to be a part of the team in every aspect. Interestingly, Mandar Kshire has proved to be the real game changer for them and meanwhile, he too dropped out of the diploma that he was doing. He came with such great ideas of his own that becomes responsible for the success of Fashion Everyday today.

Their struggle story was not quite as easy as it sounds. Between the failures and tough choices about the future, they have learned a lot. Their hurdles made them shape into the kind of personalities that they are today. Dropping college is a brave move and even thinking about it can put you in a hard spot but the decision has to be made and let's just admit that for them it was worth it, not because they were lucky enough to get it but because they have earned it with their talent, hard work and smart work.

It's their dedication towards their work that brought Fashion Everyday to the place that it has now. And we feel proud to announce that Fashion Everyday has won the award of Best Women Engaging Award in 2018.


Published by Daphenee Plaisir