Pia Mia is a current singer who is rapidly moving up the ranks in terms of popularity; her latest songs include ‘Touch’, ‘Do It Again’ (feat Chris Brown and Tyga) and ‘Boys & Girls’ (feat Will.I.Am). She has a huge quantity of fans, but not just because of her musical talent, also because of her signature fashion choices.

Personally, I love her signature style; I often find myself stalking her Instagram wishing I could pull off half of the outfits that she does.

What I have gathered from  Pia’s style, is that she wears a lot of plain clothes, but always finds a way to make these plain ensembles more exciting. She often layers entirely different patterns of clothing on top of each other in order to jazz up a plain tee and standard pair of jeans or leggings. You would usually think these patterns would clash together horrendously, and for good reason, who would think plaid and polka dots would go well together?! However, there is something about Pia’s ‘swagger’ that makes it work, no matter the combination of patterns. I personally think this is a great evolvement in the fashion industry, as she is showing that you should not conform to the fashion ‘rules’ that certain magazines and fashion influencers create, and that you can do whatever you want with style and be able to pull it off.

Most people know about Pia’s signature bandana and red lip. This is purely a statement of who she is, and she expresses this through her fashion choices. I love the way she combines two different types of style to create her own. For instance, in this case she combines a tomboy style (bandana) with a glam, girly style (red lip) to show us her personality. I love how fashion can do this.

Pia also spices up her outfits by pairing either oversized body jewelry, statement coats and fancy shoes with her plain tops and pants. She always pairs her accessories so well with her outfit, whereas I can barely put two matching socks on.

Overall, I do think Pia is an admirable icon to look up to in the fashion industry. She shows her followers that it is alright to be different and not ‘follow the crowd’ with fashion. Her individuality and uniqueness can inspire people to express their personality through style, and be not afraid to do so.


Published by Jessica Errington