I have a love hate relationship with the new season styles. The love part? I want it all. The hate part? I'm a fully non functioning adult who puts off paying bills, and new clothes are probably, definitely part of the problem. 

Imagine this. You're in your zen place: Zara, Topshop, Massimo Dutti, All Saints, Portmans, Cue...Westfield Shopping Centres in general.... and you see your favourite words: New Season Styles - In store now      Spring is here - so is the new range. Your heart does a double flip and you remind yourself to make that doctor's appointment.. too many espresso martinis  couldn't be the cause. You head on in. There must be something in the air conditioning at the entrance because suddenly all you see is colour and print and fabric. See you in 8 years at the checkout babes. Your adult self is braced against the security gates at the entrance to the store and you haul her grumpy but wallet wielding body towards you and force her to enjoy all the newness. You think I'm exaggerating? Nope true story. Alter ego is adult, responsible me. We try not to let her out too much though.

So how does adult me combat my spontaneous self? 

If you don't indulge your inner fashionista you'll end up feeling like you've missed out on the new trends, hating that you'll have to wait a few weeks before you can buy them. But by that stage you wont be on trend any more... just following the trend. 

At each change of the season I go through my wardrobe and clear out the clothes that just aren't working for me anymore. For example. the favourite white blouse that's just not new white in colour anymore no matter how many times you wash it. Out it goes. The black cashmere turtleneck that you've had for the last two winters and practically lived in it? Showing its age. Out. And do it goes until I cull everything that isn't up to scratch yet. 

This way I get to take advantage of spontaneous me and actually take her shopping for semi practical reasons. No more clean, presentable basics,so we go shopping. I then allow myself to indulge in a few of the statement on trend pieces in a controlled, yes I'm still within my budget. Otherwise I dash around the store like a cat after a laser pointer. 

I'll see you at the checkout


Published by Maddy May