When I think about fashion I instantly think about Miranda Kerr, why´s that? Well I think she manages to look perfectly polished but still feel comfortable in what she´s wearing, probably because she´s a model you may think.. But let me tell you that´s not the reason. She always finds a way to pull of anything by adding accessories to really simple pieces. And you guys know me, being pretty but comfortable it´s a must in my closet. So, without further ado let’s check the looks I recreated for you.

Look #1 Who said sporty was sloppy?


We all have these days when the last thing we want to do is be all fancy, with heels or a tight skirt. But who said that a sporty look couldn’t look this fashionable? Miranda put together this amazing outfit with pieces we would be afraid to mix. First of all, she wore these really comfy joggers and paired it with a textured crop top. I think it´s perfect for this crazy weather right now, since it´s pretty loose but still a little warm just in case the climate changes. I changed her slippers for something a little bit sportier but still pretty fashionable since it´s leather and rose gold what I went for.

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Look #2 Working mama


For some people it´s difficult to find a middle point between stylish and formal. Usually when someone says “work” all we can think of is a suit and high heels, but we are wrong. Miranda found a way to mix style and comfort, she gave it a twist and added some formal/work decent look with a pair of trousers in a light color, then she wore this sheer blouse to stay fresh and added some pumps high enough for work and still perfect for waking around. For the look that I did for you I used pumps that are in the same color scheme as the trousers, to make your legs look longer.

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Look #3 Simple with texture


In this look it´s all about textures. You might not notice, that’s because she used basic colors and repeated them with other kinds of fabric with the propose to make it sleek but at the same time not so boring because she mixed different kinds of texture.  We can see an airy blouse, with a statement belt and a suede bag in the colors of black gray and light blue. I changed up a bit with the bag adding this suede fringed one for the spring.

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What do you think?

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If you liked the looks that I created for you, feel free to open the links to the pages where I found the outfits so you can wear them yourself.


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