This is not to offend anyone's fashion creations, so please don't take this as a offense. Now let's get into the topic. As you can tell from the title we're going to talking about Fashion Trend Fails. I personally love fashion and always find myself trying to fit in to a new fashion trend, but epic-ally fail. So, let's check out some fashion trend fails.

The very first fashion trend is.... drum roll please... This model wearing a dress shaped like a rectangle with colorful stripes. Not trying to be rude, but does this not look like a paint sample cards? Really though, take a look at it.

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The second fashion trend is a huge fail. The funny part is that when I first saw this picture I though it was a transparent jumpsuit with paper balls sewed on in random places. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. Again, it's kinda cute, but I've always kinda had a thing about transparent clothing that I don't like about it. Take a look.

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Third is always a charm, right? This fashion trend is a super big fail. In this case these trend is not clothing it's shoes. These shoes I would never and I mean never wear. First of all they look so uncomfortable, second it looks like there's animal faces slapped onto these shoes. Take a look at these shoes we will call, "The Nature Shoes."

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Last but not least, this is not specifically a fashion related, but it is a trend. At first when I saw this I said, "Maybe where ever this person got their nails done, they probably had them done wrong." Nope I was wrong. I keep looking at more and more nail trends and a lot look like it. I finally realize and see oh this really was a trend at some point in life.

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