Since the death of Brian Terry in December 2010, the Liberal News Media has had a hay day spinning propaganda about Brian’s death.  We all agree that unfair accusations are a waste of time, but let’s review the facts about the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation that resulted in the deaths of two of our Border Patrol agents.  Also murdered by the guns from this gunrunner operation are two of our finest, Jaime Zapata and Victor Avila. 

Fact #1, Obama funded the Fast and Furious gunrunner operation and one may verify this by referring to program H.R. 1 – 16.

Here is the exact wording in the bill: 
10,000,000 shall be transferred to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, salaries and expenses for ATF Project Gunrunner.

Fact # 2 Eric Holder and Janet Napolitano choreographed the gunrunner scam in April 2009.

Eric Holder knew about the Fast and Furious gunrunner program way back in 2009.  Holder and Napolitano packed their jammies and flew to Mexico to inform Mexican officials about the gunrunner operation.

Fact # 3 OIG did a comprehensive study of the “Fast and Furious” gunrunner program and completed a very detailed report warning Holder, DOJ, ATF & Congress about the dangers of this operation.

As is typical of our Government, all of the key players from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and explosives who could have exposed Obama, Holder and Napolitano were put under lock and key.  Many were relocated or placed in Government positions under the vigilant eye and ominous control of Eric Holder.   In other words those who knew the real story about Fast and Furious had their lips zipped. 

The rest of the story is pretty hazy, confused and difficult to decipher.  Congress, the DOJ, ATF did their regular dog and pony show each one pointing fingers, yelling and screaming that this was terrible and they (whomever “they” might be) would be prosecuted and put away for life. 

But, that didn’t happen.  Obama played stupid as usual pretending that he wasn’t aware of this dangerous gunrunner operation that was walking heavy arms from our Country to Mexico.   

Holder and Napolitano lied under oath denying any knowledge of this operation or the death of our Border Agent Brian Terry. 

Congress and ATF just hid behind every one’s skirts and shifted blame to and fro never once doing the right thing and prosecuting those who were responsible for the deaths of 4 of our brave Americans and thousands of Mexican men, women and children.

The families of the four Americans killed were treated like junk yard trash as our Government discarded them never to be heard from again.  There is a lawsuit pending by the families of Zapata and Avila.

Lawsuit seeks $75 million in death of U.S. agent in Mexico

Family of second murdered federal agent files lawsuit 

Fast and Furious - ABC News

Hopefully this isn’t the end of the story – three people in our Government should be prosecuted and placed behind bars for the rest of their lives (Obama, Holder, Napolitano).  Sadly one of these mentioned is President of the United States and one is running for President elect for 2016.

These three people are responsible for the lives of 4 Americans and thousands of Mexican men, women and children.  Will justice prevail or will the corrupt triplets walk away free as birds? 

There is documented proof on the DOJ and OIG sites to verify all of the information that you have read today – this isn’t a ‘He said, She Said” bunch of gibberish.  Hopefully Americans will demand justice for those who have died under the hands of Obama, Holder and Napolitano. 

May God Bless America

As Always,

Little Tboca

Published by Marcia Wood