Well, it's been a while.  I'd love to say it's because I've been crushing my workouts, spending a ton of time going on runs, practicing yoga, or doing anything super active, but for the most part that just isn't true.  The truth is, I've been pretty lazy for the most part. 

This week, I got sick.  While I wallowed in self-pity and promised I'd never again take for granted being able to hear out of both ears or breathe out of my nose, I thought a lot about how I wished I was able to go to the gym.  I thought a lot about how terrible I felt both because I was sick, and because I have been super inconsistent with my health. 

In terms of eating I've done pretty well. Veggie burgers, vegan tacos, and more salads than I care to admit.  While eating well is obviously important, it means less when all you do is sit at a desk all day then come home and immediately lay down. 

I must admit, I HAVE been to the gym since my last post.  I buckled down and spent hours online and wrote out pages of different exercises for different muscle groups.  I created some pretty solid workouts that reminded me just how out of shape I am, but the best part is: I love doing them.  Just not consistently. 

The only way to see results is by being consistent, so with that being said I am making yet another commitment to my health.  It's okay to fall off the wagon, but I am done feeling disgusting.  As my 30th birthday approaches I realize that if I don't start now I'll be devastated.  

Once again I am starting over.  Recommitting myself to health, fitness, and being the best version of myself I can possibly be.


Published by Beth Rosenfeld