My two best friends are tall, skinny, fit, and gorgeous.  Me? I'm short and overweight.  I've been overweight for as long as I can remember.  I've done weight watchers and done various crash diets, I joined a gym and done everything I could to get to a healthier weight, but the problem is I am not at all consistent.  I love fruits and vegetables, I love how I feel after a long run, and my friends have always inspired me to be my best, healthiest self.  But I also love being lazy.  I love pizza, and sitting on the couch for hours, or even days, reading a good book, and lets be very honest, I love a good Netflix binge as much as the next girl.  On Christmas Eve I took a photo with my 2 best friends, probably the first cute picture the 3 of us have taken in a long time, and when I showed my Mom the picture she looked at it and said "Oh this is cute, from this angle you kind of look thin".  She was right, from the angle the picture was taken I did look kind of thin, though if we're being honest I still looked obviously overweight and chunky next to my two tiny friends. 

Over the years, my friends have imparted so much wisdom, specifically in the ways of fitness, being healthy, and the importance of being active.  I've known all their little knowledge nuggets for years, but over the past few days it is like everything they have ever said to me is flooding back to me.  For the past few days I've really been thinking "this is my year, this is the year I will get myself in shape; get myself healthy" and I'll be honest, I've said this many, many times, but this time feels different. 

Once, all 3 of us were at the gym, towards the end of our workout we were in the group exercise room stretching and chatting, and there was a few minutes were I stopped moving.  Just sat there and enjoyed the conversation I was having with my friends.  In the middle of our conversation my friend looked at me and said "notice how we haven't stopped moving, yet the conversation still flows" and I quickly got back to stretching.  I know she wasn't being mean, simply stating a fact, and while this whole event was many years ago, and not a very significant moment at that, I can't seem to stop thinking about it.  When I am at work and I notice I've been sitting for too long, her voice pops into my head and I get up and take a walk, or simply stand at my desk.  When I leave work and don't want to go to the gym: her voice is in my head then too. 

It's funny.  I've spent so many years listening to these two women talk about fitness, clean eating, being active, and I've always thought 'I could do that too' only to give up a few days later because quesadillas and Netflix are just so damn good. 

Over the past two weeks I decided, like every other New Years Resolutioner to get back in shape "and I am really gonna do it this time".  I signed up for a 10k in 2 months, drag my fat ass to the gym after a long day of work, and remember that I have a goal I want to achieve.  I don't know how this journey will play out, but I do know that I have a great support system running alongside me on the treadmill, reminding me to move even when I don't want to, and lounging beside me on those well deserved rest days.



Published by Beth Rosenfeld