I just came across this today but apparently it's been around for a while.  There is a group calling themselves Project Harpoon who is taking images of celebrities, bloggers, models who them deem as overweight and photo shopping their pictures to show how they would look at a healthier weight.  Their Twitter describes them as promoting healthy living and trying to inspire others to get healthy.

I am sorry, but this is disgusting, disturbing, and you should be ashamed of yourselves.  As a plus size woman, I've heard that I'm more susceptible to diseases.  But guess what?  You canNOT tell how healthy a person is from the outside.  Last year when I had a biometric screening at work, the tech told me that obviously my weight is high and they would like to see that decrease but every other test that was run- blood pressure, glucose, cholesterol, etc. was extremely healthy.  I told the tech that my numbers have always been good, it's just my weight that I know is an issue.  The tech said "well believe me, you can't tell how healthy a person is just by their weight, I see thin people in here all the time that have terrible cholesterol and glucose because they think since they don't really gain weight, they can eat whatever they want and it's killing them."  I was so happy a lab tech was on my side that just because someone looks heavy, it does not mean they are unhealthy.

I'm sure some of you haters are thinking, well you're young, it will happen sooner or later.  People said it would happen when I turned 30.  Well I turned 30 this year and my numbers are still super healthy, especially my sugar.  I cannot even tell you how many times doctors insist on taking my sugar because they think I MUST have diabetes because of my size.  I'm actually a little on the low side sugar-wise and get nauseous and light headed if I wait too long to eat.

Doctors have even fat shamed me before.  One doctor walked in the room, I had never met her before, and handed me a gastric bypass pamphlet and told me to check it out.  No discussion on diet or exercise.  No discussion on if I have any contributing factors for weight gain.  Nothing.  Just "you're fat, let's do surgery as a first option."  No matter what, surgery should be a last resort!  When I switched PCPs at the end of last year, my blood pressure was a little elevated because I was nervous about meeting a new doctor.  This "doctor" insisted I must have high blood pressure because of my size and immediately put me on meds for high blood pressure along with meds to lose weight which added to the blood pressure.  So my blood pressure was increasing because she put me on a weight loss supplement.  When I saw a different PCP, he took me off of those meds and we monitored my blood pressure for almost two months...completely normal.

I am tired of seeing people stereotyped because of their looks.  I am tired of the judgment when people don't know me at all.  I am an individual regardless of what you think you know.

If you want to check out the horrendous Project Harpoon Twitter it can be found here: http://www.twitter.com/ProjectHarpoon

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Published by Christine Murphy