I’ve always had the idea that in order to get what you desire in life, you have to make it happen. Things don’t just ‘happen’, you need to put effort towards it in order to get the ball rolling. I’ve never been one to have patience, I’m the kind of woman that soon as an idea pops into my head, I’ll go make it happen no matter what time of day it is and there will be no one who can change my mind or all hell will break loose. This is one of my flaws however, because sometimes in life there is just no way you can make it happen. Sometimes there are breakages that nothing nor no one can fix, and that sucks. However, when it comes to things like romance, do you believe that love falls right at your feet? Or do you believe love is a creation of our own? I unfortunately have limited myself from the love circle. At my age, I should be out causing drama and being caught in all kinds of love circles but unfortunately that just isn’t me. When I’m not at work, I prefer the lifestyle of Netflix and afternoon walks with my eldest brother to catch up on our days. I don’t meet any new people – nor do I necessarily want to. (This is a lie most days.) But it does make me wonder about that special someone. These days, without all the rage of social media and without going out to enjoy the party life, what are your chances on meeting new people? If you’re really suppose to meet someone in life, do you believe that they will enter your life one way or another? Will you be stepping onto public transport one day in peak hour and bump into someone who will become a huge part of your life? This question always drives into my mind. In all honestly, I truly believe fate does have a crazy way of making it’s way into our daily lives. Whether it be by running late that one day, you never know. Making just one simple small choice to do something that wasn’t aligned for you in your life can change your complete future. It’s mind boggling how life works this way.

Published by Jessica Kate