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This post is inspired by the word prompt: island.  I didn’t remember this trip I had with my dad until I saw this prompt. It brought back happy memories, and made me long for the day when I was young.

I was probably about 8 years old when my sister, dad and I went for a campus by trip together. Looking back on it, I had a good time and it was probably the last time that I went camping with him. But man, it was a blast! We stayed for a few nights and we were on an island! Little me was amazed by this.

It began out as a summer day when both my sister and I slept at his house for the night. At the time this wasn’t anything special so except for the fact that we were about to go camping for the weekend. He probably came into our room no later than 5 am to wake the two of us up. We had packed the car the night before, so we grab a quick breakfast and hit the road. I don’t remember exactly how long we on the road for but we were driving for what seemed like forever.

When we finally made it to the camping grounds, we checked in and did something I didn’t expect to happen. Instead simply driving to our campsite as per usual, we began to unpack the car and load up a boat. Confused I asked what he was doing and he said it was a surprise. Once the boat was all packed, one of the employees took off into the lake, and the three of us got into a canoe and began to paddle. We paddled out to an island just off the shore line. And that’s when I realized we were going to be staying on an island.

The island itself was beautiful! There was a few cleared areas to allow for campers to pitch their tents,, but otherwise it was untouched. Being curious young children, my sister and I asked my dad if we could explore the island, he said yes and off we went. The two of us probably run around exploring the island for probably a couple of hours before we made our way back to the tent for some food.

Other than the fact that we were completely alone on an island for the weekend, we did some pretty normal camping stuff. We had a fire and made s’mores each night, and during one of the days I remember we went for this amazing canoe ride. We paddle the lake ans saw all sorts of amazing thing! We also spent a lot of time swimming and playing in the water. I think that we went for a couple hikes as well, we probably did but I’m not entirely sure.

Sadly that is all that I can remember of that trip, but I’m glad I looked at today’s word prompt. It brought back some good memories of my dad. It was a pretty awesome trip in all honesty and I remember laughing and smiling for the entire time.

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