Father's Day Facade

The world has chosen the “the third Sunday” of every June to honor this “sacred paternal bond” across the globe. Let’s skip the history of How and Where this began and talk about Why?

 It’s 12 am and Boom! Your social media feed is bombarded with –

  1. “Happy Father’s Day” Quotes (feeling sentimental yet?)
  2. A doting picture of a father and son and how he looks up to him. (Definitely, an ‘Aww’ moment, how about 347 likes)
  3. All the “Daddy’s Princess” wake up in awe of their Papa dearest (You will go gaga over those pictures, or at least pretend to)
  4. Restaurants and Diners advertising these promotional offers! “Treat your dad, he deserves it!” or more like “Get your dad along and avail discounts”
  5. Online gifting sites are loaded – cakes, gifts, bouquets, watches and an endless saga of gifting ideas for “THE MAN” in your life right now. More so, FOR THE DAY!

This piece of writing may seem obnoxious to many and some may have high disregards for choosing “Father’s Day” to publish this. But, I couldn’t contain myself after all these years of being a spectator.  My thoughts can run into paragraphs but considering the ‘patience quotient’ of my potential readers, I prefer bullets:

  • Why Sunday?

‘Work over Daddy?’ – Still Thinking On It.

It could have been any other day. The celebration of this man-made, media-publicized and highly commercialized day could have been any other day. But, here lies the catch.  Sunday being the national and international day of rest and pleasure is the day when the average man is in the perfect mood and to get ripped off monetarily. Of course, any weekday or working day couldn’t have been enough for minting that kind of money by the market runners.


  • The Father’s Day Wish

This is one day when everyone is suddenly swelling with emotions more so because the social media has created that kind of pressure. I can bet that people first scan their phone galleries for that “perfect profile picture” with their father rather than wishing him. And yes, wishing here certainly does not mean a phone call or a face-to-face greeting, it fits in as a wish only when you tag him on your wall! Some people even create their father’s profile just for this sole purpose while some tag their fathers who are ignorant to social networking. This is truly mind boggling and bothering.

  • The “Best Father” Tag

This, I certainly cannot digest. The superlative ‘Best’ can only be used to compare or choose from amongst a number or a crowd. Abiding by science and laws of nature, every individual has one biological father. One can certainly have father figures or someone who equals that level of emotion. However, I can have a ‘best friend’ amongst many and maybe even a ‘best sibling’ (in case of a healthy number at home) but how can you have a “best father”. People say that in comparison to other fathers but again who are you to judge?  His father is obviously a father to him and not to you. He will regard his and you regard yours with utmost love and honor. And this can be done without this ‘best’ tag as well.

  • The Extra Personal Touch

While the sentiments that people exhibit maybe genuine in a lot of cases. Not all do it for an audience. Yet, why disclose extremely personal and integral moments of your father- daughter relationship? It would be great if you can acknowledge the freedom and liberty that he gave you in person rather than public promotion. I can vouch that people don’t even bother to read and scroll down aimlessly. Because that is how life and emotions are judged now – simply scrolled! 

Published by Lobster Pasta Lady