Good Alcohol

If your dad’s into alcohol, you have an unending list of options to choose from. It literally is the spring that’ll never dry up.

So which brand of “Aqua Vitae” should you be picking up?

If Dad’s into whisky you can pick from between blended scotches like JW Black Label (or even Double Black) or you can go the single malt and pick up a bottle of The Ardmore / Laphroaig.

If he is into Gin, Roku gin is quite the rage right now. If you find that a little steep, there’s always Bombay Sapphire or Beefeater.

Vodka, and you’re good to go with anything that is Ciroq and above. A litre bottle of Belvedere looks pretty neat with a ribbon tied around its neck.

Grooming Supplies

Lean, mean and well groomed. Well, at least that’s how men turn out their best. So any man (including your dad) will appreciate stuff that helps keep him looking spic. Also, not having to visit the supermarket aisles is an added benefit.

What are awesome about men’s grooming of late is specialist brands churning out some fantastic products. One such noteworthy brand is The Man Company. It has some great products like handmade bar soaps, shave gels, face washes and a product range based on activated charcoal that’s pretty hot right now (pun not intended).

The brand has a nice gentlemanly vibe about it and won’t seem frivolous to a mature man, and that’s perfect for an occasion like Father’s Day.


As they say, “happiness comes not from acquisitions, but experiences”. It’s always a great idea to gift experiences and doubly better, if those experiences involve spending time with the person you’re gifting them to.

There is so much to choose from here!

You could book a table at one fancy restaurant, maybe a spa session or even a session with a professional fitness trainer to get him going faster in the gym, or even get him going to the gym in the first place.

If you have the money, book him a trip to some place with exciting stuff to do. The mountains are nice thins time of the year and one suggestion would be Dharamshala. They have trekking, paragliding (in the vicinity), tea estates and pottery at the artist’s village in Andretta.

So go ahead, make his life richer with an experiential gift!

Books and Music

A man of culture? Excellent!

The sort of man that you’d proud to be taking along for your social interactions, he will love a good book or new (better sounding works too) music added to his collection.

When it comes to books as Father’s Day gifts, you cannot miss the New York Times bestsellers list or head straight to Goodreads and you will figure what’s the hottest stuff right now, as well as over time.


We have just one acronym for you FLAC. It expands to “Fully Lossless Audio Codec” which means that it is the way it sounded when the music was recorded.

You can pick from classic rock picks, jazz, blues and western classical music to class it up a tad bit.

All you got to do is avoid Drake or Yeezy or CardiB. Dads usually aren’t great fans of that stuff.

Published by Edward Martin