So as the title of the Article states this is a list of some of the games from last year that I enjoyed the most. I felt that writing this will give you a small insight into what I enjoy and what sort of gamer that I am. I will give a brief description of each but won't go into too much detail. 

5. Doom

Doom comes in at number 5. This game for me was a take back to when I first started playing games and we had the original Doom on our first computer. I could play it for hours, I still could now. However when id software released Doom 3 in took the tone of the franchise in a different direction that not many people liked, luckily for us (the consumers) the feedback was well taken and Doom was released 12 years later, back with it's fast paced action and amazing soundtrack that gets the blood pumping. Ripping demons in half has never been more fun.

4. Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is my number 4. When I first heard about Darkest Dungeon I did not know much about it but only heard it was a good game and one that I should try, so in the steam sales I decided that I shall buy it and give it a go. I am ever glad that I did, this game is the epitome of dark, it literally says in the intro text "Darkest Dungeon is about making the most of a bad situation" which then continues to cement its dark tone with "Heroes will die. And stay dead". This however is what makes it so great you really have to think about your next move and what lengths would you as a person go to to save one person, it's a real test of character. 

3. Sid Meier's Civilization VI

Picking number 3 was a tough choice as I already had my number 1 and 2 and the number 3 slot was between a choice of 2, however I believe that Civ VI deserves this more than the other game. I have always been a fan of the Civ games even the less desirable Civ Beyond Earth. Civ VI has to be the best Civ to date, I used to believe that there was no improvement for Civ V, I could never have been more wrong. Civ VI adds so many new features it'd be impossible to list them all however every single one of them improve the gameplay massively and lead to many more late nights saying "Just one more turn".

2. Dark Souls 3

The Dark Souls series is one of my favourite and I only found it right that this game belongs in this list somewhere. Dark Souls 3 is one of my favourites in the soul series, it updated the graphics and also updated the combat, it felt less clunky and much smoother allowing for much better boss fights and and scenery that made my jaw drop. The best point about this game though is it's infuriating difficulty, the souls series is renowned for its difficulty and nothing has changed here, small enemies will surround you and their attacks are so random to predict at first and bosses can range from slow but heavy hitters to fast and difficult to dodge attacks, however with patience you learn to adapt and kill all that opposes you giving you a rather rewarding feeling as if you could climb a mountain.

1. Overwatch

I found it impossible to put any other game at the number 1 spot. When I brought Overwatch I didn't expect to love it as much as I did and honestly I don't regret my love for this game. I spent many hours in the first months just playing this game over and over then when they released competitive mode I spent much more hours trying to improve my gameplay and climb the ladder unfortunately for me I'm not climbing too high just yet however I am the top 20% for medals earned in the current competitive season. 

Honourable Mentions

The Division, Gears of War 4 and Titanfall 2

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