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Welcome to America! Everyone wants to come to the "land of the free" with hopes to live this "American Dream" not knowing what that dream may consist of or what that statement really means. I feel bad, why have I thought The American Dream was a joke? DREAM? What is this dream? MLK's dream? Does it mention how America has become the home of modern day slaves? America, come here to be free and still have to deal with stereotypes and discrimination. I'd hate to bust someone's bubble but you're "American Dream", is just that, a dream, or at least that's what I got from it. They say you have to be asleep to believe it, which is why I always assumed it was a joke. I was born in 1995, in my 21 years of life, I've lived on the west and east coast, south and north, and MY american dream is simply being able to survive. Smh I've heard how America is all about the rich getting richer and keeping the poor poor. Well, is that not their plan? I'm not one to believe anything I've heard without supporting facts, but sometimes the proof is in the pudding. I learned the hard way in America there will come a time when evidence, proof, and supporting facts won't matter. Won't matter in court especially federal, it seems they make the rules and laws as they go, so don't expect justice. What is justice? Whatever it is, it doesn't matter when those who are supposed to protect and serve, are serving and protecting themselves. Are police ever going to protect victims and serve criminals, even if the criminal happens to be someone in blue? The older I get the more I question if good even exist? What is good? Does the government actually want to kill us? How could this be "the land of the free and the home of the brave?" Who is free? Who are the brave? Tupac was brave, Malcom X & Dr. King too. Where are they now?

Being from San Diego, literally an exit away from the Mexico Border, I was exposed to plenty of diversity. A melting pot, I guess that's what it's called. School teaches the history of segregation and discrimination but never did they ever mention the discrimination and segregation we're presently facing. The other day I was having a conversation with my friend Mohammad, the taxi driver, about guns. I mentioned wanting to get a concealed weapons license when he asked, "Why? You think there's going to be a war between whites and blacks?" UMMMM, I wasn't but I am now. I told him it'd be for protection from anything and everyone, mainly to cover my ass if found by police but now possibly a war. I had to explain to him, if the police were to catch me with a clean gun, and catch Cliff (the white guy who drives at night, I love him) with a dirty gun they'd probably trip on me harder than Cliff. Unsure how or why but he got back on the war topic, and he asked where would someone like him would stand if a war were to ever happen? The only response I could think of was, "you'll be fine! You're people know how to stick together." He hesitantly agreed, so there's some truth to that statement.

   I was told government assistance was created with the intention of keeping minorities from being self sufficient, and dependent on the government. Sounds like a way of keeping a poor person poor, if you ask me. Who needs a job when shelter, healthcare, and food are all being provided for you? How could you not get comfortable? What motivation do you have to want more? To go from having nothing or growing up poor, to having your basic necessities basically handed to you, not having to work for it at all. Do you really expect this person to have the drive to want something better when they think they've come up? I can remember being younger and hearing my mother and other working family members, complain about paying taxes for some lazy b*tch who needs her tubes tied, to just sit on her ass all day. That had a huge influence on me not wanting to pay taxes but after learning it actually is a set up for failure, I feel bad.Growing up poor, we're learn to make due and make the most of what we have. So yea, offer something A LITTLE better than what we had and we're satisfied, because we know It may not get any better than this. Meanwhile this is a joke, a scheme, a plan to destroy a group of people? If that's true, that's the most fcked up sh*t I've heard in my life.

I've heard a lot throughout my life that I'm starting to think may be true. Are section 8 housing targets for bombings, an attempt to destroy minorities? Where I'm from did they really put gun stores and liquor stores on every corner so we could kill our self? Was it the government who put crack out there? If so, that's how we eat and I know plenty of niggas living comfortably off it, how do you feel? I also personally know way more professional whites who smoke it than black people, what Whitney say? "Crack is Wack" smh ain't karma a bitch? So did they also try to pin HIV/aids on us? We come from monkeys, our lips and noses are fat. Our woman are fat, our children are thugs, men are criminals. Damn when you put it like that, maybe we should just kill ourselves, or each other. Isn't that why we're constantly being put down? Isn't that why we're placed in the slums with the hopes of not making it out? That's why we're targeted, falsely imprisoned, and we need to make america white again, right? If we're so shitty and worthless, why fear us as much as you do? Maybe #BlackLivesDoMatter

Published by ShylahBoss Lee