By definition a phobia is a a persistent fear of something.  Although phobias are very real most people do not suffer from them, but many people do fear things.  Sometimes we may just dislike a certain thing very much and take it to mean we are afraid of it.  Many have daily fears; fears they may not be able to pay the bills, fear of death, fear it won’t be sunny if they have an event planned.

    In Psalms 34:4, King David says, “I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” (KJV)  The word sought here means to tread, frequent or worship.  Delivered means to snatch away.  God is willing and able to snatch us away from those things which we fear, but there is something we must do.  We must seek Him.  That means to follow after Him, be in His presence daily and to worship Him.  If we do these things we will most certainly find that our fears will leave us.  Are you afraid of something?  Take it to God and leave it with Him.  He will dispose of it if you allow Him to.

Published by Ray Richards