Why do we always let fear drive our minds?

We had a control over what we think, say, or act. But one of our worst enemy, which is fear affects what actually our first thoughts were. 

As, I go on through life. I learned so many things. I’ve been over so many heartaches, cries, laughs, and any other random emotions. Life is a rollercoaster ride of ups and downs. 

And to what this topic is all about, I will talk about how fear affected my life. Fear was always on the top of my weakness. I was always engulfed with fear. I never thought of fighting. I always thought what people would say. What they’ll think about in whatever I do. Well, in case I’ve learned now, whatever you do, whatever you say, people always has something to say or they’ll just don’t really care, you’ve just thought they do. Those thoughts, called over thinking contributes to fear. We became more afraid because we think of those negatives. And actually it is almost everyone’s extracurricular hobby. To think more beyond what a situation says. To say the truth, almost everyone became victim of over thinking. It gave us more hurt, and seldom happiness.  

Fear as we know is part of everyone’s life. Fear makes us like a vulnerable person so we seldom let it out. We don’t want to appear as this person who everyone pities. Pitied because we’re weak and we don’t like that. We want to be this person who everyone thought us as strong but sometimes we can’t help things. We fear something ‘cause maybe there’s a deeper reason about it, could be traumas, bad experiences or just we feel something not good about it.

All in all, fear is one of our vulnerability, our weakness, and it’s a part of who we are, a flaw, an imperfection but you know what, it’s one of the things that could also make us a strong, tougher human being. 

So let me tell you, ‘Do what scares you the most.’ Face your fears instead of running away. It would feel great!

Published by Ana Reyes