“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” – George Addair

There is this most common term that some people use to describe fear, “False Evidence Appearing Real.”

Everyone has had feelings of anxiety at some point in their lives. Some go extreme to even develop panic attacks, and other go unnoticed because they are pretty good of handling their fears. You should see me when I am at the hospital checking for Malaria blood test. When the nurse is about to punch that little needle on my finger; I usually jump, tap my legs…hahaha. It’s just, I don’t like needles. I also don’t like to swallow big and large pills and tablets. I have little issues, I know…

Fear is the enemy to many things, so we need to get familiar of its symptoms and clues so that we can distinguish it when it appears in our lives, because agree with it or not, fear is also an enemy to success. Fear can block our way to success, just as it can block our happiness, faith, and other things in our lives. Fear has a way to hide so that you won’t see it. Fear can come and arise in different forms and types.

  • Fear of Success

Let’s start with the most surprisingly of them all; fear of success. If you think there is no such as thing as fear of success, then think again. How often have you seen people remained where they are, even when opportunities represented themselves for them to grow, expand, and succeed in different dimensions? There are some people who pass promotions because they are afraid of being successful. They are afraid of success because they don’t want to be uncomfortable, because success many times requires us to leave our comfort zones.

This is a type of fear that can make some to be afraid to leave their comfort zones. You are comfortable with what you have succeeded so far, and you don’t want more responsibilities, more challenges, and more opportunities because to you everything is fine for now, therefore you are content. And you don’t want to ruin things for yourself, so you settle.

There is such as thing as fear of success in case you didn’t know. And the remedy for this kind of fear is to find out where its root is coming from. Maybe when you were young you were told by other people that you will not amount anything that’s why you are afraid to succeed. Don’t we all have been told that!! After you find out what has been causing you to be afraid of success then work on resolving it.

  • Uncertainty

But there is also another type of fear which is fear of uncertainty; we are not sure what’s the future hold, what’s next, fear of death, all of these are part of the uncertainty that most of us frequently are afraid of. This is the most common and famous of them all; most of the time is identifiable through worry.

I honestly do not know how many times and in how many circumstances and situations where the Bible reminds us that fear is an enemy, especially of this fear of worry. We worry about our tomorrow; we worry whether our other enemies like sickness, diseases, competitors, poverty, failure, and et cetera, whether if they are going to win over us. Worrying is also a type of being afraid to fail. We don’t want to be defeated or look defeated. Fear of failure is a common thing for all of us.

In fact in the Bible Jesus said; “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your lives?” Believe me; God knows that we are afraid, that’s why He wants us to trust Him.

You can say it’s our nature to worry, because we are constantly afraid whether if everything is going to turn alright for us. I guess fear of uncertainty is an issue of trust; trusting God that He cares enough for us to care for our needs, and wants, and things like that. And I think the remedies for the fear of uncertainty are to have hope and develop a habit of faith. It’s time to trust, be strong, be bold, and fight on.

  • Doubt

This is another big form of fear, and it has a lot to do with trusting ourselves and others. Sometimes we allow other people to make decisions of us because we doubt ourselves whether we are capable to make good and better decisions on our own. We doubt ourselves; we doubt whether we are able and capable to handle situations on our own, we doubt whether we are good enough, we are afraid of being wrong. Lack of trust is a huge part of doubt, especially trusting in our own abilities.

But it can also be an issue of trusting other people. Maybe because we don’t trust ourselves, therefore we don’t trust other people. Doubt can come in the form of insecurities. When we doubt, we are insecure of something. Insecurity is deeper than it seems, because jealousness and controlling habits, and fear of commitment, are also signs of insecurities.

And the remedy for this kind of fear is to develop courage to face your fears; it’s simple as that. Take courage to go after opportunities when they represent themselves. Feel the fear, and do it anyway. Find ways to get your confidence level back up even when you have to fake it in the beginning. There are things you can do and habits you can develop to help you build your self-esteem.

I got this affirmation from one of Louise Hay’s books and it says, “I release all fears and doubts. I accept myself and create peace in my mind and heart. I now choose to free myself from all destructive fears and doubts. I am loved and I am safe.” I like to read it out loud sometimes, but also with a few Bible scriptures. I truly believe that God has the last say.

  • Phobia

I am going to be honest with you; I do not like to watch horror or terror movies. I don’t like to be frightened. I don’t find anything enjoyable in horror movies, because they create fear in me with something that came and created from somebody’ else bad imagination. When I was young I used to watch these movies with my siblings, and they would scare the heck out of me. I couldn’t sleep with lights off. Each time I would be scared something bad was going to happen to me because of the movie we just watched recently. So you can understand, it was torment for me.

That is not it; I used to be afraid of seeing dead things, animals, and people. For instance; if I knew the person who died, when I gave my last respect, I would be fighting trying to remember how this person used to be when this person was living. I would try to visualize the best memory I have had with this person until the bad image goes away. This fear was more than being afraid to die. It was about what the society portrayed with dead people, things, and spirits. It all came from these weird movies I have watched, and false tales I have been told since I was young; therefore I allowed wrong believing and perception of things, and imaginations to influencing me.

A phobia is a type of a persistent fear of a particular object or situation, like the two examples I have shared. Another example for instance would be people who are afraid of heights, or flying on airplane. Maybe they are afraid because of what they heard in the news. Paranoia is also a type of a phobia. And when you have this kind of fear, it would really affect your mindset, and hinder you to do some things because you are always afraid something or someone is after you. Maybe people are after you because they want your money or something, but you need to trust that God cares enough to protect you. You can also hire bodyguards, and disassociate yourself with bad influencing people. If you have serious phobias, maybe you should consult a Therapist, or a Pastor for counseling and support.

So fear is an enemy to many things. Most people gave up in life, gave up in their dreams, and stop achieving their goals, and all because of fear. For whatever reasons they had, the root behind it was because they were afraid. Fear is the enemy to success; a big enemy. if we want to move ahead in life, we have got to face our fears because that is the best way we can overcome them.

Published by Helen Majaga